Let’s get started

Cords everywhere!  Technology is tough to get in alignment.

Cords everywhere!

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog. It’s taken some long evenings in front of the computer to get this where we want it and now we’re ready to share.

We can pose with the bikes, now can we ride them?

We officially left on our bicycle trip on Sunday Sept 6th from my grandfather’s home in Hampton, NY.  We rode about 3.5 miles to Poultney, VT to stay at the home of our friend’s Ben and Rebecca Worthing and their lovely children Sam, Connor, and Gabe.  When we arrived Sam and Connor handed us paintings they made for us.

Monday morning we headed south to Saratoga Springs to spend a couple days with Bryan’s parents.  It was nice to rest after riding 46 miles.  We left Bryan’s parent’s on Wednesday morning and headed to Rexford, NY to stay the night with Bryan’s Aunt Jan and Uncle Cliff.  We  were able to ride through Saratoga Springs State Park.  Bryan and I shared concert memories as we sailed through the park.  The momentum that we get with the weight on our bikes is awesome!  All we need is a little incline and it’s like we’re magically propelled.

bikepath bliss

From Rexford we were blessed with bike paths all the way to Albany.  We rode on the Mohawk Hudson Hike/Bike Trail.  It was wonderful riding along the river with smooth terrain the whole way.  We arrived in Albany before rush hour and headed to Bryan’s cousin Eeny’s home.  She was a wonderful host-thanks Eeny!  Thursday morning we shoved off again with the destination of Hudson, NY.  We took Route 9J down the Hudson River.  The rain held off just until we reached Hudson.  In the the deluge we found our destination, the vacation home of our friend Ed Debor.  He was gracious to let us rest and collect ourselves here for as long as we needed.  That’s where I’m writing from right now.  We’ll spend one more day here and get going again Tuesday morning Sept 14.

Here are a few more photos from the last few days.  We’ll have a link to our flickr account soon so you can see them all including our wedding photos for friends and family to download as well.

the view from below, sometimes we ride under roads

the view from below, sometimes we ride under roads

overgrown singletrack is no problem when our panniers caan bushwhack the way for us

overgrown singletrack is no problem when our panniers can bushwhack the way for us

Sam and Connors creations

Sam and Connor's creations

Bryan on lunch break

Bryan on lunch break

lighthouse in Hudson

lighthouse in Hudson

it was a beautiful morning

I'm jumping for joy on a beautiful morning

fun with mirrors in the house in Hudson

fun with mirrors in the house in Hudson




24 Responses to “Let’s get started”

  1. 1 Maria Teixeira

    Good luck Debi and Bryan! Glad we’ll get to “follow” along with you a bit. Can you tell us about your projected route?
    Good travels!!

  2. So cool!
    Now I’m even following you on twitter.. and thanks for the rss feed. if just form me.
    Brian, you look remarkable content…(Debi always looks content)

  3. 3 Mom

    Great blog, is so nice to see exactly where you are, plus the info along with it. I can show Poppa instead of telling him……………….

    • 4 thrubike

      We’re glad that Papa can see what we’re up to ;) Tell him we’ve been avoiding shady characters thus far.

  4. 5 Benjamin


    • 6 thrubike

      Thanks for checking us out! This is a lot of fun and a lot of miles too! We are feeling great and getting stronger everyday! Please say hello to Nicole and our hearts and prayers are with Liam. Take Care.

  5. 7 Laurie Hersh

    This is the next best thing to being with you!!!

    • 8 thrubike

      Thanks. This blog is really fun and we will be adding to it all the time!

  6. 9 maureen and david

    Really cool blog!! Can’t wait for dad to see it. You’re on the trip of a lifetime!

  7. 11 Lori

    Very cool! You better keep heading south and stay ahead of the cold weather! Happy trails!

  8. 13 keri

    so cool to see your underway. when do we get to see you in A-ville?

    • 14 thrubike

      Hi Keri,

      Thanks for checking us out online!
      We miss you and Ira’s beaming energy. Hoping all is well for you both. Debi and I are working on our itinerary but it is so hard to to plan as the terrain changes so much. We can’t wait to see you in Asheville!

  9. Hey Guys!

    You’ve a great blog! Good job.

    Enjoy your life together, and be safe.


  10. 17 brandon

    Looks like Fun!!! Happy trails!! Great Blog!! Your Spot tracking system is really cool. It will make it easier for me and Jenny to ambush you!
    Love everyday, Love all the way!!!

    • 18 thrubike

      Thanks Brandon! We will be adding stuff to the blog all the time. Right now we are in Brooklyn – 300 miles so far. We are going to stay here for awhile before heading on to ride the Jersey shore! Wishing you were riding along with us! Say hello to Jenny and enjoy this fine season.

      Oh- the spot tracker has its glitches and at this point should not be counted on. We have gotten it to work flawlessly and then sometimes nothing.

  11. 19 Matteo

    You two rock. So does this blog. Super stoked it has an icon for my toolbar! At the push of a button I get to go far, far away, thank you.

  12. 20 Aimee

    Sending tons of hugs! The pictures are great..cant wait to see more! Emailing the wedding photos now..!

  13. If you take Smackankill Highway to New York City, You’ll be forced to turn onto Muggan Kill Blvd.!

  14. 23 John Friedrichs

    Hello Folks…..Im Ira Friedrichs Dad,and we live in Lexington,Va.Ira and I are planning a trip from near Pittsburg,Pa to williamsport ,Md the first week in November.Itll be a week trip and take in the Great Alleghany Passage to Cumberland ,Md and then on to WilliamsportMd on the C&O canal.Total length of about 250miles…Im a selfemployed mason,so work unfortunately,at this point in my life,allows only so much time off………The spring of 08,my 3 sons,Jesse,Ira and Leaven rode the length of the C&O in 4 1/2 days and had a wonderful time,along with 6 other men……..Does our trip possibly jive with yours?Wed love to ride a while with you both and share this part of the world ……….Take Care……Im REALLY enjoying your blog………Even if our trip doesnt mesh with yours,Lexington,Va is on the 76 bike route and we have plenty of room for camping in the yard,HOT SHOWERS ,and a fireplace to share……Im in hopes of meeting you both one way or the other……………..Best Wishes……..John

    • 24 thrubike

      Hello John,

      Your trip with Ira sounds like it will be wonderful! We are so excited to ride on the C&O. Ira was the first person to tell us about and we can’t wait. We are just north of DC in Silver Spring, MD and we head out on the C&O on Saturday (after the this cold snap breaks). At this point we may only stay on the C&O untii White’s ferry and then cross over into Leesburg. From Leesburg we will make our way over to Front Royal and give it a go on Skyline Drive and test our strengths on the climbs. Currently, we have the VA Gazateer to help us find our way. Last year when we were planning this trip we thought we would just ride the Blue Ridge Parkway through VA but now with the colder temps and more climbs we may find some nice valley roads to settle into. I haven’t had a chance to review the VA bike map online. It is a huge file and cumbersome to zoom in and out of so I haven’t had a chance to get familiar with it.
      Thank you for your offer and we may very well take you up on it!
      Say hello to Ira and I would imagine we will meet up sooner than later!

      Enjoy your trip with Ira! Happy trails!



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