shared passage, our philosophy


We chose to have the following passage read aloud at our wedding by our dear friend Keri.  It resonates with how we feel about sharing our lives together and the choices we’re making.



In ancient times, people lived holistic lives. They did not overemphasize the intellect, but integrated body, mind, and spirit in all things. This allowed them to become masters of knowledge rather than victims of concepts. If a new invention appeared, they looked for the troubles it might cause as well as the shortcuts it offered. They valued old ways that had been proven effective, and they valued new ways if they could be proven effective

If you want to stop being confused, then emulate these ancient folk: join your body, mind, and spirit in all you do. Choose food, clothing, and shelter that accords with nature. Rely on your own body for transportation. Allow your work and your recreation to be one and the same. Do exercise that develops your whole being and not just your body. Listen to music that bridges your body, mind, and spirit. Serve others and cultivate yourself simultaneously.

Understand that true growth comes from meeting and solving the problems of life in a way that is harmonizing to yourself and others.

If you can follow these simple old ways, you will be renewed.


7 Responses to “shared passage, our philosophy”

  1. Even twitter!

  2. 2 Gretchen

    Here here!

  3. 3 Gretchen

    I mean hear hear! Love ya. Good luck! I’m psyched for the blog.

  4. Wow- Debi and Bryan YOU INSPIRE! We are far, far from living a holistic existence here in the States and, in the 21st century, you’d think we be right on target to establishing a harmonious path for living! I will read your blog with a vicarious spirit and try to feel the wind on my face as you bike together toward the southwest…

  5. 5 Erin

    What a great passage.. I totally agree, great advice! Hope you guys are having fun, excited to check out the blog..

  6. 6 lisa

    What a fitting and both internal and external philosophy for your new life together. Glad you put together the blog; will be fun watching your progress. May the wind be at your back and you experience few flats!
    Awesome adventure!!

    • 7 thrubike

      Thanks Lisa for checking out the blog! We will be building it up more and more. Did you make any of the summer sessions? I wound up breaking my collar bone in July (biking accident) and have truly started at the beginning of the form as my injury wouldn’t even allow me through preparation. Please say hello to everyone and take care and enjoy this fine season!

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