Stripes earned in Poughkeepsie


I’m writing from a library in Highland Falls, NY.  We’ve biked through the rain this morning but we’re drying off and looking to camp just 5 miles from here.

Yesterday started out wonderful.  We departed from our campsite at Margaret Lewis Norrie State Park and headed south on Route 9.  We stopped at the Vanderbilt Mansion and FDR’s home.  Impressive and manicured to say the least.  After there we headed down into Poughkeepsie on a labeled bike route.  We then proceeded to wander in circles.  The bike route signs kept leading us North and whenever we found our route South the roads said bikes weren’t allowed.  Finally we found the road to take, labeled a bike route, and it looked like a highway.  It was 3 lanes on each side with a giant concrete median.  There was a ridiculous amount of room for cars with no shoulder for bikes.  It was scary, we made it through swearing and spitting.  Poughkeepsie should take down their bike route signs, it was such a joke.

We made it out of Poughkeepsie and then kept riding south.  We ended up camping on the side of the road in the woods, unable to go farther due to total exhaustion and rain.  What a day!

Tomorrow and the next few days look slated for sunshine.  We can’t wait to see Storm King Sculpture Park tomorrow and we’ll be sure to post lots of photos.

Ta ta for now,


Vanderbilt Mansion

Vanderbilt Mansion

miles of smiles

miles of smiles

Sunset on the Hudson

Sunset on the Hudson

Smackandkill would be a better name for this road

Smackandkill would be a better name for this

the view from Bear Mountain Bridge

the view from Bear Mountain Bridge


8 Responses to “Stripes earned in Poughkeepsie”

  1. 1 Mom

    Awesome pictures, feel like I’m sharing your journey……love you both

  2. Wow! You guys are moving right along! Wait!! You didn’t visit the CIA located right next door to FDR’s residence in Hyde Park? Ah, mon dieu, I spent a summer there before it became the CIA. It was the residence for the New York province of the Jesuits and now….it’s the CIA. The VERY famous French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is buried in the small cemetary there.


    PS: CIA = Culinary Institute of America.

    • 3 thrubike


      Ah yes we rode by the CIA and saw the general foods nutrition center on campus. We should have stopped right there because the riding got pretty rough in Poughkeepsie! Glad to see you are following along! This is getting to be a lot of fun. Hope you and Ron are well. I bet the leaves are starting to change up there.

  3. 4 maureen and david

    Be careful, please.

  4. 6 maureen and david

    If it was that scary in Poughkeepsie, can’t imagine NYC!

    • 7 thrubike

      Actually, NYC is wonderful to bike in.. plenty of bike paths, lanes. We crossed the George Washington Bridge from NJ and then were able to follow the Hudson river bike way all around the island of Manhatten,. We had a splendid ride from the bridge to Battery park. Now we are ready to get a transit pass and ride the subways and buses for awhile!

  5. 8 Mom

    Poppa was sure you couldn’t ride your bikes in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Told him lots of people do but don’t think he believed me………………

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