Art is a rush


We spent 7 hours at Storm King Art Center yesterday.  It was a beautiful day in breathtaking scenery.  We meandered slowly through the park,  taking in each sculpture and marveling at how they transformed as we moved closer.  As the day went on sculptures changed with the moving sun and we still had more to see.  We witnessed Andy Goldsworthy’s Stone Wall, which wrapped around trees, went into a river and out again, and was dry stacked so impeccably that I could have cried.  We saw Maya Lin’s (the creator of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC) largest installation to date-Wave Field.  It was as if a snapshot of the ocean was perfectly preserved in a field.

We spent the night in Storm King State Park on an old abandoned road that the forest was working to reclaim.  We put up our tent by an old fire hydrant in the woods.  Trains were going by all night long down below by the river.

We had a sunny ride this morning on the Storm King Highway over looking the Hudson River.  We were able to look around and see where we’d ridden these past few days.  It’s funny, on the bike it feels like we’ve gone so far but really we’ve been in the same 15 mile radius for a few days.

We want to give a big thank you to Rob and Shari Farrell.  We met Rob at a coffee shop after a trying day of riding.  He kindly offered his yard for us to camp in and we had a great night’s rest thanks to them. :)

We had been excited  about posting photos of sculpture from Storm King but we learned yesterday that it’s copyright infringement to display photos without the artist’s permission.  We can share slide shows with anyone who’d like to see our photos of the artwork in the future, but not on our blog.  We did however takes lots of other interesting shots that don’t involve artwork.  So here they are:

signs of Fall

signs of Fall

yay art!

yay art!

Debis sketch

Debi's sketch

Bryans sketch

Bryan's sketch

primo parking for the bikes

primo parking for the bikes

lovely tree

lovely tree

Hudson River looking south from Storm King Mountain

Hudson River looking south from Storm King Mountain

made it!

made it!

See you in Brooklyn!

Debi and Bryan


3 Responses to “Art is a rush”

  1. Love your sketching and stretching into the corners of this country– thank you SO much for sharing your adventure!

    • 2 thrubike

      Thanks for checking out our blog! Storm King Art Center is truly wonderful and we would recommend a visit if you are ever in the area. Take Care and say hello to John.

  2. 3 SWay

    Great pics! We love following along on your adventure! Be safe.

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