Welcome to New Jersey


I’m writing this post from The Red Bank Public Library in Red Bank, NJ.  I actually used to live here about 8 years ago so it’s been neat to revisit the area.  We camped in the woods last night after spending the afternoon on the beach at Sandy Hook.  It was a beautiful day and hundreds of folks were out to enjoy it.  We’re headed now to Island Beach State Park, it will be about a 40 mile day.  We’ll post  photos and have more details soon.



7 Responses to “Welcome to New Jersey”

  1. 1 Frank Zangara

    Dear Bryan and Debra,

    I enjoyed our chance meeting today in front of Town Hall (Toms River NJ). Its not often that you find a couple that are so happy and carefree as the two of you. I can only imagine the adventure that awaits you. Each and every mile you travel is an inspiration to the rest of us. (Perhaps my retirement cross country trip could be a reality.) I will enjoy following your journey, where ever it takes you.
    Best of luck, be safe
    “Bike Cop”

    • 2 thrubike

      Thanks Frank,

      We truly enjoy what we are doing and it has been great to meet people like yourself and have a chance to share. It has been so great to listen to other people. Sometimes all we have is the moment we are in so we might as well make the most of it. Best of luck with your retirement and you can always start planning for your travels now – it doesn’t cost much to plan!

      Take Care and thanks for the last second directions – it worked out perfectly and we made Atlantic City by dusk!


  2. 3 Bruce

    Hi;Bruce from the Atlantic City Boardwalk…so nice to meet the two of you…seems like you enjoyed my city…so glad! I do have that picture of you two that I took on the boardwalk…good pic…I can forward it to you…I don’t know how to send the picture to you though…I would need a link off your blog site or some sort of address. Burn up those miles!
    Best regards, Bruce

    • 4 thrubike

      Hi Bruce!

      It was wonderful meeting you in Atlantic City! We had a wonderful time. We managed to spend most of the windiest weather in our hotel room on the 15th floor of the Hilton watching the sand roll away into the ocean. A spectacular sight!

      You can send the photo to thrubike@gmail.com . Thanks!

      Take Care and safe riding.


  3. 5 Jennifer Vranicar

    Will you be biking through Pennsylvania? We live in Easton, which is probably a little north than you would be going, but if so, you’re more than welcome to crash here! I also grew up in Harrisburg, so if you’ll be travelling through there and need any recommendations, let me know! Safe travels!

    • 6 thrubike

      Thanks Jennifer,

      That is a really great offer. At this point we are anxious to get moving south as this winter weather is pushing hard.

      Thank you again!


      Bryan and Debra

  4. …Brilliant to have met you both on the Ocean City “Boards” in New Jersey. Your kind, friendly, faces and free spirits are inspirational…I told you how the people of Vermont had left such an impression on me, because of there warm and overly hospitable demeanor; so much so, that I had to write about it….

    Green Mountain
    I wrote this during a long drive back from Lake Champlain to my home at the Jersey Shore…

    When a place is this pristine,
    the sweetness in the air follows you.
    It coats your soul and sticks white to your heart.

    Now I’m changed forever…
    Vermont you surely will
    send me away silly and dejected…

    Lust will hanker after my dreams of you.
    With premeditated aspirations and shiny boots full of broken shells and sand,
    shameless and guilty, I will lie to my other love to be with you… milieu.

    This white witch has cast a spell on me,
    and then she hung me from a birch tree.
    Up there my eyes are opened finally…

    I can see who has been untrue.
    Bright light shines thru clouded preconceptions.
    Past bric-a-brac makes no sense or reason.

    Happily I let the past go to bed.
    That’s mothers old ripped, wrinkled bag now,
    a dead man who can’t even march in-place.

    The people in these mountains emancipate you.
    With howdy-dos,
    and where are you tryin’ to get at?

    They serve you coffee for free.
    This surely must have been a railroad stop.
    It’s stopped me…

    It’s so white here, my dear…
    even the muddy river is white.
    The folks are pallid and glow with a confident hospitality.

    Beer is free too…
    Tempered Belgium white, organic, delicious and at no charge.
    Served-up to you by an oracle who already knows your thirst.

    You can’t buy fake dear here,
    but the real ones will pose for you
    At the side of the road, a “Cliffside” pose… their best side.

    No one’s for sale in this heaven,
    but like church groups they welcome donations.
    I think they give the offerings away to Connecticut though.

    The trees are green, but in winter they wear wedding dresses.
    Sometimes their veils get blown off, so they peek about,
    like their lovers might ever change.

    People cry over the trees in Vermont.
    Their tang and sweet nectar will make you pass out and see white.
    Powdered poles, like angels wing to wing protect them from a plummet.

    Jagged peaks with faces like giant macaques.
    New world monkeys, with a harmless see-you-again smile already painted on.
    The rocks even seem to know your dilemma…

    You become addicted to her and all that is this white place,
    the pace, the people, the smell.
    You become addicted to the white over green, addicted…

    …by that brief moment of kindness that sunny afternoon at the beach, you two exemplified that very same spirit that filled a lonely and dejected traveler…thank you for bringing a taste of my love for Vermont home to me…enjoy your journey, my home is always open to you, and you will be in my prayers… Peace.

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