New Jersey in a nutshell


We arrived in New Jersey by ferry and we gracefully left the same way.  It’s been a terrific time of year to bike down the Jersey shore.  Some areas have been like ghost towns, sand blowing across the road like tumbleweeds and no one around except for us and hundreds of empty beach houses.  The boardwalks have been amazing, going for miles sometimes.  It’s been windy, and most of the time it’s been a headwind.  It’s also been wonderfully flat, a change from the Vermont landscape we’ve been accustomed to.

We left Brooklyn and headed to South Street Seaport to pick up the Seastreak ferry to Atlantic Highlands, NJ.  It was a beautiful day in NYC, or at least we thought.  As we got father away from the city the smog became so clear that we were apalled that we had been in the midst of it!  The air quality in NJ was much better.

NY Harbor

NY Harbor

We got off the ferry and had a leisurely bike ride to Sandy Hook.  It’s a part of Gateway National Recreation Area.  We found our spot on the beach and had lunch and a relaxing time soaking up the sun.  It felt like a summer day.  The bike paths were seemingly endless and it was hard to believe that we had been in Manhattan only hours before.

Our Steel Camels

Our Steel Camels

Along Sandy Hook

Along Sandy Hook

We camped in the woods around Red Bank that evening and kept the miles to a minimum.  The next morning, Monday, we packed up and went to a diner in Red Bank for breakfast and then we rode all day to Island Beach State Park, approximately 50 miles.  It was a tough day for Debi, she picked up a cold in NYC so we had frequent stops for water and medicine.

Boardwalk bliss

Boardwalk bliss

Just in time for the sunset at Island Beach State Park

Just in time for the sunset at Island Beach State Park

Attack of the killer mosquitos!

Attack of the killer mosquitos!

We got up the next morning in Island Beach State Park and went to Tom’s River.  We were in search of wifi to figure out the next few days of our time in NJ.  We came across a terrific library and had a great conversation with a bike cop named Frank.  After looking at the weather and the miles left between Tom’s River and Cape May we decided it was time to treat ourselves with a hotel stay.  We found a great deal for 2 nights at the Atlantic City Hilton on  It was going to be a push, 67 miles to AC, but we decided it would be worth it and the weather was right.

Approaching AC, note the windmills

Approaching AC, note the windmills

Bringing the bikes into the hotel

Bringing the bikes into the hotel

Bryan checks out the view from our room

Bryan checks out the view from our room

Staying in AC for 2 day ended up being the best decision.  Wednesday brought with it huge wind gusts, up to 50 mph!  There was hardly anyone out.  We tried to go for walk and we were practically blown away.  We had a relaxing time at the hotel and exploring the boardwalk and peeking into the casinos.

We left AC Thursday morning and bike about 50 miles to outside of Cape May.  It was a terrific ride.  New Jersey has been great to bike in, we’ve had boardwalks, bike lanes, huge shoulders, and well labeled routes.  We confidently give biking on the Jersey shore an emphatic thumbs up!

We camped outside of Cape May and Friday we slowly made our way to the Cape May-Lewes ferry.  We arrived in Lewes around 6:30 pm and went directly to Bryan’s cousin Joanna’s home.  Joanna’s sister Gillian was in town too so we all went to dinner at Joanna’s family’s restaurant Kindle.  A terrific end to a wonderful week.

Next stop is Washington DC.

See you soon,

Debi and Bryan


15 Responses to “New Jersey in a nutshell”

  1. 1 molly

    Hello! Happy travels! I am so glad to have found this blog and have the privilege to follow your journey! I wish you beautiful days!

    • 2 thrubike


      Thanks for checking us out! We will be adding new stuff all the time. Keep posting the beautiful pictures of Fern (and Owen) on FB!

      Take Care and maybe we will get to see you on the flip side?!



  2. 3 leslie

    that smog/haze is pretty gross.

    • 4 thrubike


      I know. I think Brooklyn is immune from that air quality. We can’t wait to hear about your bike rides together1

      Take Care,


  3. 5 Christina

    Sounds like you had a great week! We’re so envious of the ocean and sunshine. We are feeling the change of seasons here – low energy, low light, lots of rain, and big snowflakes sticking to the ground tonite. Time to cook soup and fire up the woodstove. Sweet dreams, smooth pedaling, and be well!

    • 6 thrubike


      Thanks for keeping tabs on us! We are having a great time. Winter weather is pushing down on us too. It has been in the 40’s and raining in DC today. We have one more full day here and we plan to get to the Dept. of Energy’s Solar Decathalon on Exhibit on the Mall, Dupont Circle for lunch and then maybe the National Building Museum. Yesterday we went to the Hershhorn and the American Indian Museum. C&O canal path this weekend when it warms up a bit.

      We hope you and Dusty are well!

      Keep On Rockin’


  4. 7 Christina

    And thanks for the great pics! Congrats on the 67 miler! Glad to see those head nets are being put to use…

  5. 8 Mom

    Pictures are great. I would have loved to be sitting on one of the benches soaking up the sun and waving as you and Bryan zip by…..

    • 9 thrubike

      Oh, that would have been nice. We would have stopped to have lunch with you!

      see you soon.


  6. Hi Debi & Bryan!
    We just got back from Ecuador and read your posts! The more we read, the more we miss you! But, it is so nice that you are doing this because it really helps us feel close to you! I’m jealous of all the museums you have visited in NYC and now DC! Keep enjoying yourselves and know that we are thinking of you!

    • 11 thrubike

      Hi Risa,

      We can’t wait to hear about your trip and see some photos. That looks like such an exotic place! Did you and Todd have a good time? Thanks for keeping tabs on us through the blog. We are having a great time and will keep adding new posts and features. The Museum scene in DC is so different than NYC and I believe it all has to do with admission costs. NYC is quite pricey and DC is free. This allows for such a different feel. Much more relaxed in DC.

      Take Care,


  7. Hi Debi & Bryan! Your blog is wonderful! Thanks for posting all the pictures. You guys look great! All of the artists back in Vermont say hello and wish you a happy journey! All the best.

  8. 13 Kevin

    Tests have shown that the so called “smog” is actually smoke originating from some guy’s house in Lake Placid. It travels down the Hudson valley and then hangs out over Manhattan before heading out to sea.

    • 14 Christina

      Ha! I wonder who that polluter is? If I find himI’ll make a citizen’s arrest!

      • 15 thrubike

        Hey Chris,

        Thanks for keeping tabs on us! We miss you guys a lot. Hope winter preperations are running smoothly and can’t wait to hear about your and Dusty’s days!

        Take care for now,

        Bryan and Debi

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