Recentering in Asheville


It’s amazing how fast a week can go by, even when we’re not moving.  We arrived in Asheville, North Carolina a week ago today after getting a ride from our friend-thanks Keri!

We spent the first couple days resting and taking it slow.  We slept in, indulged in some good eats and caught up with Keri and Ira, our lovely friends and hosts.  We started to explore and were so excited to see that we are still chasing the fall colors-we have been almost the whole trip!  We walked nice and slow our first few days, soaking in the colors, shapes and textures of Asheville.

The Ginkgo tree has been our favorite to find, it’s a living fossil!
laugh, love, and hope….sounds perfect

brilliant purple in November

wow, a foliage rainbow

Bryan takes a different angle on some ornamental grass-it looks abstract

The grass looks so bright with the deep blue sky

we love these bricks that make up the sidewalk in some parts of town

It’s been wonderful to have a home base for a bit.  It gives us the chance to catch up, do things like laundry, preparing yummy meals and kicking back on the porch.  Here are some photos of house life on Highland St. in Asheville:

sweet sunshine

Lunch on the porch, Carol (Debi's mom) sent us Mustard Relish, a family tradition. We had it on gluten free bread with keilbasa with mushrooms and peppers. It was sooo yummy, thanks Mom!

light comes through flags from our wedding on the back porch (we gave flags as gifts to our guests), note the mountains underneath them

More to come from Asheville in a couple days.   We have more to share and more to see!  We’re hoping to go to an artwalk, a chocolate lounge, maybe take a bike ride and a see a little music.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Debi and Bryan


6 Responses to “Recentering in Asheville”

  1. Did you say: “…maybe take a bikeride…” or am I halucinating?

    And how about sharing some of that lunch and sunshine.

    • 2 thrubike

      Yeah…it is so nice to take an unloaded pedal around town. It is nice not to stand out all the time as the panniers draw a lot of attention!

      Hope you and all at River Arts are doing well!

      Take Care

  2. 3 John Friedrichs

    Hello Bryan and Debbi……..So glad to read of your times in A’ville.The ride on the VCT is one of our favorites too.We rode last year with Ona and Jeff and Rowan in a 2 wheeled trailer.He was covered in soot from the ride but still loved every moment of it all.Im back to work of course,working at the Homplace of Cyrus McCormick,18 miles north up 81.I hope to be done early next week there and then on to the next job……..I went for a ride yesterday ,the first since returning from Pa.I was needing to sorta take it easy because of a sore left Knee I got on the last day of the GAP ride.I feel better now ,but still onlt rodean hour and kept the climbs to a reasonable level……So glad to hear that all goes well and your relaxation muscles are being flexed again…………..Warmly ,Your Friend……..John

    • 4 thrubike

      Yeah, the VCT was a highlight and we would both love to go back and play around again – take advantage of that shuttle service!
      Best part of being down south is the longer riding season!

  3. 5 Kate Cross

    I agree with Steve. How does, “maybe take a bike ride” differ from what you’re blogging about? Is one recreational and one something else? And I can’t spell John’s last name. But is he married?

    • 6 thrubike

      Well, it is nice when on town to get a ride without all the gear. In this way we don’t stand out so much and we can just blend in for awhile and explore unencumbered. John is married to Suzanne. They are the parents of our friend Ira – who we are staying with in Asheville, NC.

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