Happy Thanksgiving!


We are in Pikeville, Tennessee today. We woke up this morning at the Coachman Motel after a lovely evening. We have under 10 miles to ride today to get dinner that we were invited to yesterday by a kind woman. Donna pulled up next to us and shared that she had biked 3500 miles in Europe years ago and knew it was sad to be without a place to go for the holidays. Thanks Donna! We can’t wait to have some turkey after we climb up into the mountains to get to you. She asked us if we like bluegrass music, so I think we may be in for some live tunes.

We hope y’all are having a wonderful time with friends and family wherever you are. We’re right there with you in spirit.

Debi and Bryan


8 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. 1 Mom

    We all will be thinking of both of you. Am so glad the “forces” sent Donna and her family to you. Another interesting person on your journey. Enjoy and eat lots………………………xxxxoooo Mom

  2. 3 Cousin Peggy

    Well, how’s that for a nice bit o’ luck! Hope the Thanksgiving celebration was wonderful. How much we all have to be grateful for. The day was perfect in New York. Great weather, great parade.
    I am enjoying your many moments that Tennessee Williams called depending on “the kindness of strangers.” (i.e. Donna/last line of Streetcar Named Desire)
    The red leaf photo is just beautiful.

    • 4 thrubike

      Glad to hear you had great weather for the parade! Talking to strangers has been so delightful.

  3. Hi Debi & Bryan…Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. 7 Kate Cross

    Love the red leaf photo also! Wish I could have shared our pear ginger crumble with you! Had a good time with Mark, Courtney, Martha, Josh and Josh’s extended family in IN. Hope y’all had a blue grass Thanksgiving!

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