Tennessee Update


Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday and that there are plenty of left overs in the fridge! Debi and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Cunningham family at Donna and Jeff’s house. Jeff and Donna were great hosts and we had a wonderful time-like we were part of the family. We had two different kinds of turkey – one baked and the other grilled. Jeff played his mandolin for some of us after dinner followed by Sandy’s pumpkin cheesecake! So incredible! Thanks you so much for all your hospitality!

We camped in Fall Creek Falls State park last night after one amazing tour of the park from our new friend Kevin. He took us all over the park and showed us so many different falls and overlooks it was dizzying.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we captured many of the sights on our camera, but we need to get going today so we’ll upload photos for our next post.

We’re getting closer to the Natchez Trace Parkway which starts near Nashville.  Hopefully we’ll start it on Monday.  More details and pictures soon.

Have a great weekend!



8 Responses to “Tennessee Update”

  1. 1 keri

    Yeah for closing in on the Natchez trace trail. I wanna see my face up on the blog already ;) Good to hear your Turkey day was diverse and merry. We love you and miss you lots. I have quite a soft spot for you’s.
    Monday we’re heading to Vermont and the lovely-ness up there. Will be thinking of you!
    love, Keri

  2. 3 Dad

    That dinner sounds great. I hope that the two of you got to pig out!

  3. 5 Joe and Rita

    We passed two cyclists at the top of the Hwy 30 climb out of the Sequathchie Valley and were impressed at the time to see them. We were on the way to sightsee at Fall Creek Falls State Park with Rita’s sister and brother in law. We had no idea at the time that the cyclists would join us for Thanksgiving.

    We enjoyed talking to both of you, were inspired by how much you have accomplished so far, and will follow your travels.

    Your new friends,

    Rita and Joe (Ozone, Tenn)
    Jan and Walt (Crown Point, Indiana)

    PS- the Cunningham sisters are gourmet cooks!

    • 6 thrubike

      That was so great to hang out with all you and share some amazing food! Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you all again sometime!

  4. 7 Gretchen

    Happy T-day guys. Can’t believe you are there already. There’s finally snow on the mountain, we hope it sticks. Where do you think you’ll be by the solstice? Keep on truckin. Miss you and love you. Bryan, how’s the shoulder these days?

    • 8 thrubike

      We miss you too! Looks like we will be in Austin for Solstice. Shoulder is healing slowly – I am not sure I woould have been ready for the slopes this season. Well, maybe I would have. say hello to Michael!

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