River Arts District Artwalk, Asheville NC


I want to rewind a bit with this post and share with you scenes from an artwalk we were present for in Asheville.  One of two artwalks for the year, the River Arts District in Asheville is rich and full of artists and creativity.  The district intermingles with industry so there’s a real sense of production happening.  The sculptor who works with metal can connect with a supplier of steel right around the corner.  There are old interesting structures transformed into studios with factory still incorporated in their names, like The Pencil Factory.  Brick buildings, railroad tracks, and surprises around every corner; we spent an entire weekend soaking it all in.

The brand for the district-I like it

Bryan and Ira outside of a building called "The Wedge", the outside is surrounded by a welded metal salvage fence. Artist studios and a small brewery were inside.

We turned the corner into this studio and came upon this giant magical computer controlled bird made of metal. It was actually controlled by a Sony Playstation. The artist had recently passed away but his vision lives on, the website is http://www.paynestudios.com, we have video of the bird in action but I still need to figure out how to get it on the blog

Street art found down by the railroad tracks, we love finding gems like this

Industry + Art = Crane holding painting, perfect!

Artist Jonas Gerard did a live painting demo, he had Cirque Du Soliel music playing while he worked. Vibrant paint quickly smeared the canvas in various rhythms and movements.

Organic Armor was on display, the artist is behind us in the photo. We walked into his studio and he immediately put his creations on our heads. They were made out of cast vinyl and so lightweight. He creates them for theater groups and olther interesting folks. http://www.organicarmor.com/

Backlit ink drawing-didn't write down the artist

In closing, we want to thank our wonderful friends Keri and Ira for their amazing hospitality during our 2 weeks in Asheville.  Not only did we have our own little room in their house but we were treated like family by all we met.   Here is a photo of Keri and Ira in the top of a Double Decker bus downtown that served coffee, so lovely!

Java for 2-Keri and Ira

We’re staying in a Days Inn in Columbia, Tennessee a second night tonight so we’ll be posting more today as we prepare to not have internet for a while.  Check back later!



4 Responses to “River Arts District Artwalk, Asheville NC”

  1. I love the bird!

  2. 2 Donna

    Hey, would love to have you visit on Sunday!!! So you might need to slow down to get to milemarker 161. Call me, thanks, Donna Holdiness in kosciusko, MS

  3. Thanks for the update on the artwalk. I love the helmets!! :D

  4. Thanks for the pic and the mention on your blog. Come back next spring to try on more fun armor!

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