11 days in Austin, TX


Tonight is our last night in Austin and we just finished an awesome dinner of ribs with our great hosts Beth Ann and Kyle. Thanks Beth Ann, that sauce was amazing! Today, we took one last trip downtown sans bike map on bicycle route 31 which is just under 5 miles to downtown.  We went to the Austin Museum of Art and saw an exhibit of mixed media by David Bates. A small amount of art for a small amount of money! The gift shop is clever and fun. The whole place is slow and easy. We saw some pieces by Chuck Close and some local artists.  Chicken lunch at Whole Foods and afterwards we made hopefully the last trip into REI (the most awkward REI ever).   We should be all set with spare parts and the little whatnots for know.

Austin has delighted us in many ways and we have captured some to share…

Suzanna Choffel at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

You can hear a little of Suzanna here.

Bryan and Gus going to Mt. Bonnell

BethAnn and Debi on Mt. Bonnell

cool little shade structure on Mt. Bonnell

our awesome hosts! BethAnn and Kyle

Stevie Ray Vaughn memorial

The biking in Austin is incredible. The Colorado river has been damned  in a few places and one forms lake Austin right downtown. The Trail is  a network of mostly unpaved pedestrian paths that ring the lake and its inlets all the while connecting to various inner city routes. The Austin Bike map is valuable although it still needs to be on tougher paper. It is under $3 though. The views of the city are ever-changing and we already wish we could just stay longer, explore and meet more people.

Austin skyline from the trail

Barton Creek Trail heading away from downtown

Debi and Bryan at Barton Creek

Art, food and music abound in Austin. We are not even sure where one might begin with all this. The food selection is amazing. Art is everywhere in every form and the music is the  air!

Shepherd Fairey street art

Amazing Taco lunch at Tacodeli - Fish and ground Bison

Cat amidst flowers at local garden center

The Texas Capital commands attention as you approach from Congress St. Once inside you are delivered a good dose of Texas history and like Vermont it too was once a republic.

looking north on Congress St.

Texas State Capital

looking down from the rotunda

no detail was spared

light in the Texas State Capitol building

high-rise on blue

surreal building designed to look like an owl

downtown mirrors


more street art

pink paint in the alley

Defreshe Mode coffee trailer, airsteam trailers are all over town selling everything from cupcakes to bbq

Agave Cactus

enough said

Tomorrow we are riding about 70 miles to Palmetto State Park and may hold over a day for some freezing rain that is passing through. The weather is less of a concern these days as we have had our parkas shipped to us and we are heading to Padre Island National Seashore by next weekend.

The Mexico border looms before us and we are ready as we will ever be. The posts may become sparser once we are there but they should still be exciting.

Take care everyone and thanks again for reading!

Living Life by the drop..

Bryan and Debi


6 Responses to “11 days in Austin, TX”

  1. 1 BethAnn Bacon

    We had a most wonderful visit with you!

    Gus became so distraught when you left. He was whining and yelping and running all over the back yard looking for you two. I had no idea he would react like that. He really grew attached. Also, a family just rode by on their bikes and he thought it was you, and started whining and yelping all over again. He’s going to think everyone one on a bike is you!

  2. 2 Kate Cross

    Love Suzanna Choffel’s line “What’d your mother do to make you look so beautiful?” And love the “owl building”!

  3. 3 Brandon

    Hola Bryan y Debi,

    Es chido, (its cool (mexican slang)) que ustedes van a Mexico. Ustedes estan muy cerca, verdad? Buenisimo!! Pero, primo ustedes van a pasar por Isla Padre. Que bueno! Entonces, pasan con los angelitos que se vallan bien! Ahora es la hora para practicar a hablar en espanol, verdad?

    Pasan bien Amigos!!!!!!!

  4. 4 John Friedrichs

    Hello Folks…….So glad to hear your adventure has been safe,more comfortable in Texas and headed to even warmer climes…….Happy New Year………………John

  5. We wish you a very Happy New Year and a safe journey!

  6. 6 keri

    ahh! you both bring me such joy!
    love love love!

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