San Fernando, Mexico


¡Hola a todos!

We are sitting in a small internet cafe in the town of San Fernando in the state of Tamaulipas. We’ve traveled about 160km from the bordertown of Nuevo Progreso. It´s nice to be getting farther from the border, it was a little sketchy up there.

We’re doing great. We stealth camped these last two nights behind abandoned buildings in the middle of farm country. Hardly anyone around and rather peaceful nights. Tonight we’re staying in a hotel for the extravagant price of 15 dollars…can´t beat these prices!

We should be in the capital of Tamaulipas in a couple days, Ciudad Victoria. We hope to upload photos there and blog a bit more about our travels thus far.

The roads have been great, better than Texas even. We have plenty of room and we´re on a well traveled highway, super safe.

See ya in a few days,
Debi and Bryan


2 Responses to “San Fernando, Mexico”

  1. 1 Dad

    Great doings! But, you are in Mexico now, you must slow down.

    Good Pedaling and stay safe!


  2. 2 Bill and Lori

    So glad to see you are safely away from bordertowns. Don’t envy you that part of the journey. Continued safe travels to you!

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