Greetings from Veracruz


We’re sitting in the lobby of a high-end hotel stealing their wifi because our hotel didn’t pay their internet bill.  Although the technology situation is bleak, the hotel we’re staying at is nice, we’re on the third floor with rooftop access about a block from the zocalo.

Our bikes parked in front of the hotel

We’ve spent the last few nights in Veracruz, decompressing from our ride down from Papantla.  The terrain has been challenging in addition to the roads having little to no room for us.  Our communications on the bikes have simplified to “Truck!” or “Bus!” and we promptly pull off the road to let them pass. 

Our trip down the Emerald Coast was rainy and unevenful.  We camped on Sunday night at what seemed to be a peaceful location.  It was the first time we paid for camping in Mexico so it felt funny to be out in the open.  Normally we’re hiding in the bushes and the trees and keeping it rather quiet.  The establishment we stayed at had no other guests.  We were camping behind the owner’s home.  They had a plethora of animals, which we didn’t think twice about.  We turned in early due to the rain and fell into a sound sleep with the ocean waves crashing about 100 yards away.  11:30pm rolled around and we were jolted awake by the  owner’s two portly black labs barking at us from the house.  They didn’t stop for a half an hour and then we drifted back into sleep.  We had a repeat performance at 2:30am with one of the dogs barking at us directly outside the tent.  The dogs continued barking at us for the next hour and we screamed at the owner’s home for them to do something and no one did.  So ridiculous!  We learned our lesson, we will not pay for camping where there are short term memory loss dogs present.

Camping on the Emerald Coast

We rode away early on Monday, hardly saying goodbye to our camping hosts and headed down the coast to get closer to Veracruz.  We went 80 kilometers, dealing with some serious bus and semi truck traffic with rough road conditions.  We decided to stay at a hotel in Palma Sola, a dingy town on the highway.  We wandered out to find some dinner across the steet and ate an awesome barbecued chicken meal served by a super friendly family who shared with us their experiences working in the USA.  Our bellies full of beans, rice, tortillas and juicy chicken we retired to our hotel room to catch up on the sleep that was stolen from us by the black labs the night before.  

Keeping it real in our hotel room in Palma Sola

We finally went through a southbound military checkpoint  and the soldiers stationed there hardly reacted to us passing.  We just asked if we were on the road to Verzcruz and they said yes and waved us on.  We passed through some interesting scenery and mountians as well.  As we got closer to Veracruz the fields opened up into sugarcane crops.  We passed numerous workers chopping away with their sharp machetes at the harvest.

Cerro Tres Picos Mountains

More mountains

Sugarcane loaded to the brim

 We arrived in Veracruz Monday afternoon.  Veracruz has about a half million inhabitants, our largest city yet.  We expected the ride in to be more challenging than Tampico and we were pleasantly surprised by our ease of entry.  The roads were easy to navigate and when we got close to the center the lane we were using was closed to traffic but we were allowed to ride through so we practically had the road to ourselves!  We found a hotel and settled in.

We're amassing street art images to add a new page to our blog. Stay tuned!

Tree roots take over a building

Veracruz is a busy port

Yesterday we took a bus to another town-Boca del Rio.  We wanted to see Avatar, hopefully in English.  We took a risk and went to the theater no knowing the showtimes and we made it just intime to catch a showing.  What an incredible film!  It’s the first movie we’ve seen on our trip and it felt great to settle in and watch it, epecially with the 3D action.

We’re headed out tomorrow south towards Catemaco.  A rainforest, volcanic, natural area that should have plenty of space for camping and taking in the surroundings.

More to come as we travel along.  Internet has been dicey so we’ll do our best as we head into more rural areas.


Debi and Bryan


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  1. How are you guys feeling? Is it rich? Or a slog?
    Are you looking forward to Belize? Thinking of you!

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