Gracias a todos!


Hello everyone!  We just wanted to show our appreciation for everyone that’s been following along with us on our journey.  We have a new blog post in the works and we have some questions to catch up on from your comments.   We crossed into the state of Oaxaca a couple days ago and we just took 2 rest days in Matias Romero.  We’re headed to Juchitan today-an interesting locale with a matriarchal society.  We’ll see you in a few days.

Take care out there!

Debi and Bryan


One Response to “Gracias a todos!”

  1. 1 Pete Kochalka

    Thank you!! I check your blog every morning at work for the next entry. I’ve been waiting to see and here about the tropics. Thank you again for including so many pictures. I wish more with every entry that I could be there too. Don’t forget to look for Orchids. I know they are everywhere around you in that part of Mexico.

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