OK,  so,  we haven’t posted in awhile – and for good reason – we are enthralled with beach life,  especially as a couple of northerners. For us,  Zipolite has worked out as a fantastic place to park the bikes for a spell, think about the direction of our trip and get some rest from these last 6 months of travel.  It seems that we are taking a vacation from our vacation!  We have found rustic accommodations which we like to refer to as our wooden tent. our room is roughly 12′ x 12′ has a double bed, square table and two chairs. we have a fan and an electric light. Our bikes are locked securely to a post that is part of the exterior wall. Wifi is available but testy. We have hammocks on the beach and can hear the pounding surf in our room.

Looking east at Zipolite from a highpoint in town

We live here at Posada Brisa Marina

Inside our wooden tent


It seems the beach draws all types of folks. It is an international mix in Zipolite. Not many Americans, but many Quebecois, BC’ers, Germans, Dutch and South Americans as well of plenty of locals. The population of the town is around 1,500 not including long stay visitors and travelers. The sun slows everyone down and all stay fed on delicious fresh food. Beach living is rather hedonistic and it all seems to revolve around the sun.  Zipolite also has the only nude  beach in Mexico so the beach is super laid back.  There are people in various forms of dress and undress along with all the local dogs befriending anyone with food.

The beach in Zipolite, the white rock on the left is called Roca Blanca and is always surrounded by birds, that's why it's white.

An artist works on the wall outside a tattoo shop

sand dogs

Zipolite offers the best in-town biking in the area and a whole range of dining options. The next closest towns seem to be somewhat more expensive and a little more removed from services.  We like being able to choose from the numerous restaurants outside our door.  We’ve taken to eating a lot of Tlayudas, they are like giant quesadillas filled with whatever we want cooked over a charcoal grill.  It’s the closest thing to pizza Bryan has been able to eat with his gluten allergy!

Even though it's the dry season trees still flower with brilliant colors

We have found a small community of friends here in some of the longer term visitors to the area.  We’ve enjoyed sharing dinners with them, exchanging books, and learning of others travel adventures.  We are a transient bunch, and it’s fun to share the same space for now.  One of those people was Ron from Vancouver, BC.  He has ridden here on his motorcycle and has lived and toured through Mexico in the past.  It was fun to compare gear and stories from the road as we could draw many parallels with traveling by bicycle and motorcycle.

Ron with his custom built (by himself) DR 650

We have been getting up before dawn and have been able to see the rising sun most mornings. we have started a short running routine along with some sun salutations (Yoga). First round of swimming is in  by 8:30 am and then we try to come up with something  do to for the day. Siestas are common during the 1-3pm period. The temps reach into the 90’s out on the sand. We have found it to be a lot of fun riding  our bikes to neighboring towns and bringing our snorkeling gear and getting breakfast somewhwere new.

sunrise in Zipolite

A turtle came ashore as we walked the beach in San Augustinillo, the next town over from Zipolite

With all this down time comes the fear of the unknown….what’s next for us?  We have now been in Mexico for two months and on the road for  over 6 months.  It’s amazing to us to face each day without an agenda, we can do whatever we want, it’s amazing!  As long as we keep our lifestyle simple and our spending low we can maintain this life for a while longer.  We have some future plans in the works but we’re going to wait to share them with you when we have more information.  It looks like we may have visitors in the end of April.  We’re going to stay here in Zipolite for the remainder of March and Easter.  Then we’re thinking of taking some side trips without the bikes and heading into the city of Oaxaca and Mexico City.

In the meantime, we’re studying Spanish together, reading, dreaming, and taking it all in here at the beach in Zipolite.  We’re happy to be here, it took a lot of hard work, not only the pedaling but the winding down of our lives in Northern Vermont.  We thank everyone that’s supported us so far and we’ll be sure to keep sharing our travels with you.  Our postings will be less while we’re staying at the beach, but really…would you be on the computer when the waves are crashing in front of you?

Painting at one of our favorite restaurants, it means guardian of the beach.

Vamos a la playa!

Debi and Bryan


9 Responses to “Zipolite”

  1. 1 Kate Cross

    You both look so wonderful and so happy!

  2. 2 john friedrichs

    Hello Folks………So glad to hear of your travel break and your staying on the beach.A well deserved hiatus from life in the saddle!Ill be seeing Ira and Keri later thhis week and will be sure to give them your Best….Spring seems to have arrived here in Virginia and work is picking up again……….Best to you both………John

  3. 3 Risa

    Love the last pic of the two of you!

  4. 4 Gretchen

    I’m envious. Wish we could get there. Sounds heavenly.

  5. 5 keri

    can’t wait to squeeze you myself! I was doing some zipolite reseach myself and I just wonder if I have been here already. Only time will tell! Shall we have a skype date?

  6. 6 Bill and Lori

    Finally catching up on you travels. What an amazing journey! Glad you are safe and happy. The food descriptions make my mouth water(except the cow head stuff – sorry)! Spring is in the air here and it has hit high 50s. Bill having to climb high into the mountains to find slides to ski. No biking yet for us – roads still filthy with salt and dirt, and dangerous with pot holes. Big garden plans going on. Will start some seedlings this week.

    Our love to you both. Lori (and Bill)

  7. 7 Seth & Alison

    Incredible you guys!!! So great to read about all the wonderful people and places that ya’ll have encountered. Enjoy the beach bum time and all the awesome adventures still to come.

  8. 8 Chris

    Great blog! Great trip! I have been doing a similar trip myself. I loved Zipolite…I was there for new years I am leaving Mexico City on Monday for Oaxaca. (I was going to leave today but I made the mistake of going to some bike stores for important parts during Holy Week).

    When are you two going to be in Oacaxa (the city)? I always love meeting other bicycle travellers.

  9. 9 Barbara

    Hi! My husband and I are hoping to do a credit card tour from Oaxaca to Zipolite by bike in December … are we completely insane, or is this doable, from what you’ve experienced in your travels?

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