Banana Twins / Gemelos de Platano


The following occurred the other day. We went to the store across the street to visit the endless pile of bananas that they sell and this was on top. We couldn’t resist.  Was it co-joined? We had to find out.

Well, there you have it. Co-joined. We ate every bite and it was delicious.


3 Responses to “Banana Twins / Gemelos de Platano”

  1. 1 Joanne Harrison

    Very Cool! Nice documenting. Happy Easter.. it is gorgeous up here .. spring has sprung!

  2. 2 Kate Cross

    Banana Twins!

  3. 3 john friedrichs

    Hello Folks………Many Thanks for the pics of the local architecture..It seems so light and airy,if indeed architecture can be such.A drastic contrast to timber framing,for sure!…A person can learn so much from local indiginuos builders and how the local materials take the shape that they do and the shelter they provide for their local folk…….Happy Spring …….Excellant riding weather!!!!!…..Best to you both….John

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