Zipolite Architecture


Getting to stay in a new town for awhile  has allowed us to walk around and see some local architecture. Here on the southern Oaxacan coast  snow is of no concern. Actually, this place receives 330 days of sunshine a year. None of the structures are insulated for cold weather and roof construction can seem light and weak.

A lot of concrete is used here for all types of construction. Often it is a concrete wall system and a more organic roof with wood and bamboo.

Here are a few of the sights we have seen around town….

Nice detail of tree roots penetrating a gable end wall

more details with eerie shadows

thatch roof in progress

organic decorative post being worked on by an elusive fellow


More from around town….

Stone and wood

car port

stepped bamboo fence

mud walls

bench under porch

precious shade

roof framing

roof framing

The mood of these simple structures are cool and breezy and they seem to be proliferating around town.  It gets really hot here during the day and shade and hammock space is essential.  We are headed to the city soon and will have much more to share as our travel continues after a nice extended stay at the beach.

See you soon!

Bryan and Debi


3 Responses to “Zipolite Architecture”

  1. 1 Kate Cross

    Thanks for the pics, Bry. Nice to know there are places with rooftops that don’t need to support six inches of snow!

  2. 2 maureen

    Interesting structures. Bry, all those years at NWJ came in handy!

  3. 3 maureen

    What a strange banana mutation!

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