Leaving Zipolite


We are getting off the beach today and leaving it behind for a couple weeks.  We’ll spend the afternoon traveling by van from Pochutla to Oaxaca City going over the mountains.  Friends have told us that this is a rather windy, wild ride but that everyone should try it at least once.  The city is calling with offerings of arts, music, lively zocalos (centers), markets, food, and people.  We will spend about a week in Oaxaca City and another in Mexico City.  Our amigos Keri and Ira will be flying down here on April 22nd so we’ll return to Zipolite to spend 10 days with them.  We’ll blog as we go so stay tuned for our discoveries.

We leave you with more photos from our last month and a half at the beach, including Zipolite and Puerto Escondido.

This guy had an extra long surfboard and used a paddle. He wore a hat the whole time and never even got wet. He went over waves with incredible grace standing completely upright. Puerto Escondido

Waves crash on the rocks in Puerto Escondido

Mexico's pipeline, Puerto Escondido

sunset smiles

Cleaning out the Red Snapper for the feast that we had with our friends Jaime and Barbara

Don't get too close or I'll bite!

We cooked it in a giant foil packet on the grill. It had lemon, pineapple and assorted seasoning. Jaime also stuffed it with spinach and mushrooms. It was incredible! We aren't putting up a picture of the end result because it wasn't very photogenic.

Hormigas, hormigas! (Ants, ants!) When darkness falls the arts emerge, creating highways across backyards moving pieces of whatever they can find to their nests underground. The ants also bite so we always make sure to say "Hormigas, hormigas!" if someone is about to step on them. We saw ants carrying tiny flowers one evening and managed to capture one at work.

We ate breakfast here often, yummy fruit plates!

View from the cove of Playa de Camaron-Shrimp Beach near the main beach in Zipolite

Above it all Roca Blanca (let corner) looks so small, it's usually swarming with hundreds of birds.

Playa de Camaron

Hasta pronto amigos!

Debi and Bryan


4 Responses to “Leaving Zipolite”

  1. 1 Kate Cross

    Hoping you were far from the earthquake! Let us know, please.

    • 2 thrubike

      The earthquake happened 1,000+ miles north of us so have no fear! We are on solid ground :)

  2. 3 maureen

    The pics are just gorgeous! We’ll take a wall-size of “sunset smiles”.

  3. 4 Tre

    Mmmm…. that snapper sounds like it was muy delicioso…. y los platanos gemelo tambien! :D Too funny!

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