Monte Alban


We decided to take a short bus ride out of the city of Oaxaca to the famous Zapotec ruins of Monte Alban. Aldous Huxley visited here in the 1930’s and little has changed. It was built between 300 – 700 AD and had a bustling population over 30,000. It was abandoned by 1000 AD.

The Great Plaza

Sistema IV

amazing tree

View from Platforma Norte

Bryan gazes out at one of the three valleys surrounding Monte Alban

Flowers and thorns

View north of the Observatory (the only building at a 45 deg. angle)

Climbing the stairs to Platforma Sur

View from the top of Platforma sur

Another view from Platforma Sur with Oaxaca city in the distance

View of Platforma Norte from the Great Plaza

Ornate stonework

Juego de Pelota

Clouds loom over Juego de Pelota

Modern day explorers

See you back down in the city!

Bryan and Debi


2 Responses to “Monte Alban”

  1. 1 john friedrichs

    Hello Folks!…….Spring is STILL here and more reasonable temps after too hot ,too soon[high 80 and low90’s]……Wonderful pics of the ruins you visited,they really knew how to build back then eh?……..Ira and Keri are looking forward to leaving on the 22nd and spending time w/ you both.Talked to Ira today and he stays busy……..My work is still slow after a very slow Winter,but Im in hopes of things picking up soon[?]………..Best to you both………Warmly…….John

  2. 2 maureen

    O mi Dios!! The ruins are absolutely amazing & GORGEOUS! That view from the top of La Platforma Sur! Those carvings on the doors must have meaning for every family? Loved the “fun stuff-the ark, etc. All I can say is WOW, COOL, AWESOME!!!

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