We have so much more to share with you!  After two weeks of traveling in Oaxaca and Mexico City we feel culturally refreshed and inspired in the moment.   We have uploaded all the photos and now we just need to put the blog posts together.  Stay tuned for more photos of Oaxaca, Street Art, Teotihuacan, and Mexico City.  Our friends will be here in a few days to enjoy the beach with us and THEN we will saddle  up again and ride south.

Debi and Bryan


3 Responses to “Whirlwind”

  1. 1 Jerry & Annette


    Met you in Columbia, TN. Been keeping up with you thru your blog. Thanks for the great pics love them. Stay safe.

    • 2 thrubike

      Thanks Jerry and Annette,

      We remember exactly where we met you! Hope you two are well!

      Take Care

  2. 3 Gary Briere

    Debi got your blog site from your mother when we
    stopped to see your grandfather and I just got through
    going from Hampton to Mexico. I envy you and Bryan
    and will be following you on your adventure. If your
    trips ever take you close to Boston you can always
    catch some rest time here.
    cousin Gary

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