Energy fair in the park


We stumbled upon this during our last day in Oaxaca. Very ingenious machines converted to be powered by bicycle technology!

energy fair

pumping water

juice in the blender many machines doing todays work

concrete flywheel

Drill press!


machines of all types

Bus ride to Mexico city tonight! Bus leaves at 1 am and arrives in Mexico City before 8 am. Here we go. There is a lot more to come. A huge thank you to all our readers. We read every one of your comments and appreciate the support. Thanks!

Bryan and Debi


5 Responses to “Energy fair in the park”

  1. 1 Eric and Sarah Way

    Fried grasshoppers?!? Seriously? What were they like? Crunchy, one would assume?

    Anyway, we’ve been following you on an almost daily basis and have loved your photos. They are amazing! There are several that we would love to get prints of some day…

    We hope all is well with the two of you. Vermont, not to mention Norhtwoods, has not been the same since you left. I hope that someday we will have the same fearless attitude that you have shown and will venture out to explore the world.

    Stay safe and let us know if we can send you anything.

    ~Sarah and Eric

  2. 3 john friedrichs

    Hello Folks…….Cool machines at the energy fair!……When our kids were little ,we had friends that had a cycle powered grinder that they worked with for many years………Give a BIG HUG to Ira and Keri for us.We miss them look forward to hearing all about the trip on their return……….Any projected date for returning to the road portion of your adventure?………………………Best to you both……..John

  3. 4 Mo

    I want to go to that fair! That looks awesome! Could I get a hot tub generated by a bike?

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