Museo De Filatelia de Oaxaca


One of the treasures we found in Oaxaca was an unassuming stamp museum.  Admission was by donation and it was nice reprieve from the noon day heat. We loved everything about this place. They had large roll out displays with old stamps and historic letters from prominent people of the period.

boardwalk within museum

bamboo sun shade over courtyard


close to home!

looking back at the courtyard from another

Bryan wanders on in...

nice displays with magnifying glasses hanging below

call to artists : mail art

we loved how they wrote about the stamps right on the wall

Bryan looks for interesting architectural features

wild tree outside museum

Hope these have found you picking up your old stamp collecting hobby and pressing boldly forward!

See you soon,

Bryan & Debi


One Response to “Museo De Filatelia de Oaxaca”

  1. 1 Ford

    Love, love, love; thanks for posting such wonderful reading material! I hope Ira and Keri made their journey safely. I do wish I could afford a visit. My mind is thinking about those digits in the savings account. Anyway, looking forward to more readings. Sincerely, Ford

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