Oaxaca [wah ha kah] 2


Oaxaca would not be complete without some mention of  the food here in the city. It is truly everywhere and you can have your choice of just about anything unless of course you have a food allergy like myself (Bryan). Last May I learned that I  have suffered from a dairy and wheat allergy my entire adolescent and adult life. This can be dealt with in the States without too much trouble, but here, in the land of bread and cheese my choices are limited and dining out becomes a little discouraging at times. Needless to say we have witnessed and tried various items and we have spent a lot of time wondering the markets gazing at an absurd amount of food. At times, you just have to wonder how it is possible for it to all stay fresh. In the States, everything is prepared and packaged until it is practically hermetically sealed and sterile. Here in Mexico the meat sits out in 85 deg. weather all day long. Dogs and flies blaze through the stalls. The smells are gut wrenching at times. Most of what we eat here is cooked hot or it is peeled and is of no concern to our digestive systems.

Here are some of the highlights from the many markets we visited in Oaxaca…

Seeds and dried fruit abound in the markets.

Nuts, seeds and dried fruits

Chia - one of our favorites!

Chauplines (Fried Grasshoppers) and, yes, we ate some


Mixing Chocolate and Sugar

Oxaqueno Hot Chocolate

There are so many dishes here it would take a life time to sample them all. We spent about five days and did our best! Trekking around the city burns up a ton of calories and we needed to stay fueled! Stay tuned for some more from Oaxaca.

Take Care,

Bryan and Debi


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