Deep in the heart of Distrito Federal or D.F. [ day-eff-ay]


Mexico flag

Back on the streets again. The elevation is tough. Even with us spending five days at 5,000 ft. in Oaxaca the air here is thin and we move slow. This allows us to look for other modes of transportation and find plenty of places to rest when we need. One mode of transportation we couldn’t resist trying were these fancy hybrid electric bicycle cabs. They seat two plus the driver. There was maybe two dozen of them circling the Zocalo.

vroom, vroom

and we are off

happy pedi-cab passengers

For about 80 pesos we got a twenty-minute tour of downtown in some pretty thick traffic. We navigated through some mega intersections without traffic lights. This little cab could slip its way through traffic. Is this the future for D.F. ? Beats honking cabs.

native dance

where O where does your old tower go?

There are just so many sights to see in the city. Every time you turn a corner something wild or unexpected awaits. We stumbled upon  a lot of street art in Mexico City. Some was just so brilliant and fun.  We love finding it and capture it when we can. These images were all from the same area on Regina St which is a full time pedestrian street.

Bryan poses in front of some mixed mediums

colorful display on very delapidated building

what do the little birds eat?


street art

Evening in Mexico City has offered some exceptional sunsets and eerie lights. Not sure if it the pollution or not. Still very beautiful. We missed a few good ones.

color photograph of sunset on Regina St



Bryan and Debi


One Response to “Deep in the heart of Distrito Federal or D.F. [ day-eff-ay]”

  1. 1 Kate Cross

    These were great, guys! And I have to say–of all the places we’ve lived, AZ and IN have the most beautiful skyscapes! I call them “paint by number skys.” They look just like the pictures! I’m sure Mexico is a true rival!

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