What’s going on?


Today is a waiting game.  We are taking a red-eye bus tonight from 8pm-8am to get to San Cristobal de las Casas in the state of Chiapas.  Our bikes are going to once again become our moda de travel as we embark on another small journey.

The next month will be spent pedaling through the Yucatan Peninsula. The Caribbean has been calling us to explore her shores and communities.  We yearn to snorkel in turquoise waters and experience another part of Mexico.  We start in the mountains of Chiapas at approx. 7,000ft.  We have some beautiful descents and climbs on the road out of town with stops at waterfalls in the jungle and the ruins of Palenque.  We’ve read accounts of other cyclists who have experienced this area and words like breathtaking, friendly people, and beautiful fill their journals.

We have spent the last month at the beach in Zipolite and San Augustinillo, a good portion of it with our lovely friends Keri and Ira.  It was terrific to share this space with them and they experienced some well deserved rest time.  They are both starting small businesses in Asheville, North Carolina and the Pacific Ocean gave them time to reflect and renew.  Thanks so much for coming you two!  It lifted our spirits to have familiar faces with us.

tough to leave la playa

After much contemplation we have decided to fly back to the East Coast on June 10th.  We booked a direct flight from Cancun that will bring us into JFK, NYC in a fraction of the time that it took us to get to Mexico!  We imagine it will feel like lightspeed arriving back in NYC in less than 5 hours!  We plan on biking back up the Hudson Valley, following the same route we took when we initially started our trip.  We love that area and we hope to visit with everyone that hosted us last fall.

Once again we’ll be blogging in the present, uploading photos and stories as we travel our final roads in Mexico.  Thanks for following along.

Hasta luego,

Debi and Bryan


2 Responses to “What’s going on?”

  1. 1 Leslie

    enjoy the rest of your travels and I would love to see you when you arrive in NYC.

  2. 2 Steve

    Oh! have a good trip, hope to see you when you’re close.

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