San Cristobal de las Casas


It’s another gorgeous sunny day in the mountains.  We are packing up to leave our hotel in the historic district of San Cristobal de las Casas this morning and heading over to a campground in town where we’ll stay for another day or two.  The change of climate from the Pacific coast in Oaxaca to the mountainous region of Chiapas has been refreshing. The days are in the 70s and the nights drop to the 50s.  Just perfect!

courtyard at our hotel, just lovely

Riding around town

Yesterday we met up with some friends we’d met in Zipolite, John, his daughter Jess and her daughter Dahlia.  We had a great breakfast and then Jess brought us to an organic market that happens every Saturday. San Cristobal has a big community of expats and the market reflected that.  We bought some beautiful blue corn tortillas, sprouts and hummus-yummy! Some other friends of ours are in town as well.  On a previous post  we had photos of Barbara and Jaime and the giant fish we cooked with them.  They are here and we’re going to camp with them for a couple days at the campground.

San Cristobal is a beautiful colonial city.  There are brilliant colors everywhere we turn and it seems very clean and organized here.  We’ve been wandering the narrow streets,pedestrian malls and taking in the sights and sounds.There is a large Mayan population in the surronding area and there are many beautiful textiles for sale. The city is truly brilliant with color under a deep blue sky.

hundreds of steps lead up to a church overlooking the city

view from the top

enjoying the evening sun near the zocalo

a church that seems to blend right into the sky

In the next few days we will be heading down out of the mountains through the Chiapas country side towards Palenque and then on into the Yucatan. Due to the time of year and our latitude we will be experiencing some hot and humid days with temperatures in the 90’s. We will alter our schedule a bit to start riding at dawn and knock off before noon.

See you down the road!

Debi and Bryan


One Response to “San Cristobal de las Casas”

  1. 1 Brian and Stephanie

    Hey Debi and Bryan,

    This is Brian, John and Theresa’s friend, here (we met at that vegan restaurant, the Grasshopper). Just wanted to let you know how much Stephanie and I have enjoyed reading your adventures and seeing your pictures. Biking through Mexico is now on my list of life goals! Thank you for providing such a wonderful means of procrastination. We hope to come visit you guys in Vermont sometime soon. Best wishes with the rest of your biking experience!

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