Leaving San Cristobal de Las Casas


On Wednesday we had a great send off from San Cristobal.  Our friends John, Jaime, and Barbara offered to give us a ride a bit out of town through some heavy construction.  It was great spending time with all of them, we had gone to Guatemala with John;  Barbara and Jaime are our amigos that we met in Zipolite.  We all happened to be in San Cristobal at the same time.

Bryan, Debi, Jaime, Barbara, and John

Thanks for the lift and the love!  We said farewell and headed down the road.  This was it, we were back on the bikes.  It was a beautiful day in the mountains and the temperature and the breeze was just right.

Debi on the open road

Chiapas countryside farms

terrific views

beautiful clouds

ups and downs

Debi pedaling, clothes are drying on the panniers

 We pedaled 39 kms to Oxchuc.  On the way we experienced a torrential downpour, it is the rainy season.  We even had a little bit of hail.  We thought that the storm wasn´t going to get us and then it just started coming down and we were exposed out in the open.  We quickly skirted down the road to a house that we hung out under the roof.  The rain finally stopped and we made it to a little hole in the wall hotel for the night.  Oxchuc had a large indigenous population.  We were quite an anomaly.  Oxchuc also seemed to be rather politically charged, the center of town had held a political rally the night before and there were piles of corn cobs everywhere that people had snacked on.  There were also the remnants of bonfires.  In the morning we woke up to fireworks going off above our hotel.  We had a short climb out of town and then we had a 25 km descent….just awesome.

heading down from Oxchuc to Ocosingo...the day was already heating up

A "Gato de Monte" is what the woman at the store called it, it was her new pet

 The ride to Ocosingo was exhilarating.  Most of it was downhill with a few grueling climbs in the heat.  The temperatures keep rising as we drop into the jungle.  We rode 54 kms to Ocosingo and called it a night.  Ocosingo had a weird vibe, people weren´t that friendly to us and we stood out as the only gringos in town.  It´s been an odd couple of days interacting with the locals in Chiapas.  Some people are super friendly while others throw rocks at us.  We`ve had the worst interactions with people in all of Mexico in this area.  Debi has received numerous catcalls and other expletives are yelled at both of us.  Not sure what´s going on in Chiapas but not everyone seems to like us white folks rolling through town.  It´s weird to feel discriminated against but we take it as another lesson of the trip.   

Our favorite snack these days is Lychee.  We stocked up on  it before leaving San Cristobal, they are known as Rambutan in Mexico.  They are a luscious exotic fruit and we wanted to share what they look like for those of you who haven´t had them fresh before.

pretty funny looking Lychee

easy to open

looks like a little egg

After Ocosingo we checked out the waterfalls at Misol-Ha and the ruins of Palenque.  We´ll save those photos for the next post.  Right now we´re in the town of Palenque getting ready to leave tomorrow morning at dawn.  We have to beat the heat!  We have 18 days left in Mexico and we are counting them down.  It´s been a terrific adventure thus far but we are anxious to return to the US.

We should ride out of the state of Chiapas tomorrow, cross into Tabasco for only about 10kms and then we´ll be in Campeche. 

Love to all our amigos far and wide!

Debi and Bryan


3 Responses to “Leaving San Cristobal de Las Casas”

  1. 1 Steve

    Nice pictures and post – it reminded me of when we decided to come home from New Zealand. Having made the decision – how it completely reframed time till we left – how the country just was different.

    Which made me remember the feeling of coming home. Of how good it felt, like putting on something comfortable and soft. And how, after returning home, the super good memories and feelings and sensations – like memories of smells and sounds, began to stand out, above the feelings of uncertainty and struggle.



  2. 2 Roy

    I live in Chiapas and many Indigenous people don’t like tourist because they don’t benefit from it. Some are friendly if they think they will get something out of it. Most of the country you rode through is Zapatista country especially Ocosingo. The EZLN is not tourist friendly. It is beautiful country and Oxchuc is a strong town politically but they may have just had a Fiesta.

  3. 3 Kate Cross

    I have heard of litchi nuts. I think they are chinese. What do your lychees taste like? More fruit or more nut?
    Spoke to your Mom, Bryan, and she is counting the days until you land at JFK. Take care! And love to you both!

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