So, we left Chetumal after a quick good-bye to our touring friends Cass and Roman. Best of luck on your south bound journeys. It was great talking to you both – you both are an inspiration! Our ride from Chetumal was uneventful, rather flat and quite hot by mid morning. We rode 40 km’s in a couple of hours and found our oasis on Laguna Bacalar.

leaving Chetumal

Coquito’s campground offered a prime site with the minimum of services. We set up our tent under  a palalpa out near the shore and immediately went swimming. The water is so clear and shallow it hard to believe we were swimming in a fresh water lake. Right in the water are some peculiar formations of Stromatolites. The ones here look a little different from the link but they are pretty cool none the less. There is a nice coastal road that borders the lake and get you into town.

they look like giant kombucha mothers

our campsite

crazy dead tree at our campsite

prime parking

early evening

mini rainbow during sunset

We were told about a small cafe at the end of the road where we could get juice and wifi. Sure enough we found La Escondida “The Hidden Place” the owners, Sophie and Chamerain were  so amazing and inspiring! Best of luck with your business adventures! We ordered some juice and soaked up some internet. There is not  a whole lot to do in Bacalar when it is hot. The entire town gets pretty quiet in the early afternoon during siesta.

Bacalar is very tranquil especially, during the slow time which is now. We were able to find all we needed in the town of 10,000.   We have spent our last couple of days riding our bikes around town and learning about Mexico from our new friends.

One afternoon we wound up visiting the fort here which also included a pirate museum. It is so hot in town it is practically deserted.

museum sign

view from town


front of fort

looking out from the fort into the lagoon

laguna Bacalar

dead pirate

pirate display

Bacalar Buccaneers

Alright, enough for now. Tomorrow we get up early and crank out  a 100 km’s on our way to Tulum. See you on the road during our final days in Mexico!

See you soon,

Bryan and Debi


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