To Tulum [too-loom]


We have a few posts to get us up to date with our travels.  We are currently in Brooklyn, NYC.  Rest, delicious food, and transitioning back into American culture are in order.

On Wednesday June 2nd, we woke super early in our little oasis in Bacalar in an effort to beat the blazing sun. We were kept up late during the night thanks to an army of giant frogs, singing to each other under the light of the moon.  Dawn arrived too soon; we took one final swim and then cooked some breakfast. We left our campground in the early morning light and started off on our days ride.  We planned to cover 100 kms to the town of Felipe Carillo Peurto. We rode all day in the heat and had ideas of giving up and flagging down a truck. We managed to quell those thoughts and kept pushing all day long.

One of the frogs that kept us up at night

typical flat highway in the Yucatan

We rode 120 kms to Felipe Carrillo Puerto and it turned out to be our longest day in Mexico yet! Our short time in FCP was pleasant and we found a hotel with a restaurant next door. The waitress recommended a lagoon we could swim in on the rode to Tulum.  It sounded good and we would probably need to take a dip during the next day’s ride.

We rose early on Thursday and sped out of town before most of it had woken up. We had a similar ride in store as the previous day.  Hot steamy jungle on both sides of the road and flat as a board. There is not much in between towns out here so we just keep riding. In the late afternoon we did get a nice break in the little town of Pino Suarez  with the lagoon that the waitress had recommended.  It turned out to be the Laguna Campechen and for ten pesos one can stay all day and relax and swim. We shared a small area with some locals, had some lunch, battled with ants and flies and then took off again, anxious for some AC and some shade.

swim break at laguna Campechen

freshwater laguna Campechen

We rode into the outskirts of Tulum and found one of our favorite air-conditioned Pemex gas stations and sat down for some food and drink. Tulum is a bustling place and we were ready to find a place to settle in and then get into the turquoise waters to swim. Now is the low season in this area. We found a small low key resort that offered a cabana with a swinging bed (not as cool as you might think) with a good bug net over it. The mosquitoes in Tulum are no joke. Even in town they threatened to carry us away. The streets are abound with sun-burned and bug-bitten tourists determined to have a good time. We got settled in and went for a swim and started to finally cool off.

The water here is truly amazing.

Carribean sea

view from our cabana

The next day we woke up and decided to visit the ruins of Tulum on the coast. We were only a 2km ride away from them and we were able to ride up to the rear entrance and avoid the circus of tour buses and vendors. As we approach the ruins we can smell the bug spray they use to subdue the little buggers. Once in the ruins there is beach access and a small, sandy beach that was just perfect for a morning dip prior to checking out the ruins. The ruins are small but the location cannot be beat. They  lie right on top of dramatic cliffs looking out over the Caribbean sea.

ruins at Tulum

swimminig beach at the ruins

more ruins

Big old Iguana - there were a lot of these guys around in Tulum

one entrance to the ruins

The rest of the day was spent swimming and swinging in the hammocks just waiting for the sun to rest. The next day we planned a short ride to the small seaside town of Akumal to do some snorkeling.

Take care till then!

Bryan and Debi


2 Responses to “To Tulum [too-loom]”

  1. nice frog!
    have a great final ride home, guys.

  2. 2 Frank

    It looks like it was a journey of a lifetime. Hope you find happiness where ever you decide to plant roots.

    Good luck to you both


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