We woke up Playa Del Carmen at our hotel and separated our gear. We decided to store about half of our stuff at the hotel and ride as lightly as possible over to and around Cozumel. We are excited to travel lighter and hopefully see and bike more. Just a few minutes from our hotel we got in a line, bought tickets and were whisked into a larger line to board the ferry.  Drug dogs sniffed our bikes and then we handed our bikes over to the boatmen. The day prior we were told that the bikes would cost an additional 30 pesos each for the ferry trip . Today, we told it would cost 20 pesos and they would take our money when we boarded the boat, not here at the ticket counter. No one wound up taking our money or even looked at us funny they just helped us load them onto the front of the boat. Perfect. Bikes should be free anyway. As we took our seats a group of musicians took to their stands and played for the whole crossing over to Cozumel. Don’t get me wrong, I could sing along to La Bamba if I wanted to and I really do like Buena Vista Social Club but if I either anymore in Mexico I will vomit.

The ride over was quick and semi-painless. We arrived in San Miguel and rode our bikes away from the docks and cruised around town in search of our  two night digs. We found a lovely small B&B with a small private cabana that wasn’t far from anything. The streets in San Miguel are easy to navigate as they are one-way and they are quite fun to bike on. The people  we have met in Cozumel are some of the nicest people we have met in Mexico and island life seems to be quite delightful here.

Tamarindo Bed and Breakfast

Our first dinner here we found some Thai food which again was nice change from the months prior. The owner spoke English and we were able to chat about the media and why the way things are the way they are in Mexico.  We caught a beautiful sunset and then headed back to our small bungalow.

sunset in Cozumel

The next day we rode our bikes south on the island road to a place called Dzul Ha. Dzul Ha is a free snorkeling spot just along the roadside. We found a place to lock the bikes and with rented fins from our B&B we got in the water for some more snorkeling. We found San Miguel to be a great town full of friendly people.

Fruit vendor in San Miguel

Modified VW

One more sunset in Cozumel

After some last-minute shopping we will head back to Playa del Carmen via ferry. There we will stay one more night in the same hotel where our gear is locked up. After that we will catch a bus to the airport and begin breaking down our bicycles for an airline trip. The bus trip will avoid the 60km ride in the heat and buy us some more time if we need it to get the bikes together for the flight. We are anxious to get back to some familiar territory and take a break from Mexico. We have been here five months and the time has come to return to the states. The next post will be from Brooklyn!

See you there!

Bryan and Debi


One Response to “Cozumel”

  1. 1 Juan

    Great post Bryan, Debi, thanks!

    Nice to hear stories from people that visit Cozumel from the mainland, so many people miss out by not hopping on the ferry, and the idea of bringing bikes too sounds fantastic!


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