Brooklyn at last


June 10 2010-NYC

Well, after quite an ordeal at the airport – paying fees, standing in lines, wrapping up the bikes we were tired and ready to be back in the US.  Even at the airport the money was flying(pun intended) out of our pockets with hidden fees and taxes. The flight was easy and we were served a hot dinner on the plane. It is amazing to ponder that it took ten months to get down deep into Mexico via bicycles and then we can magically take a four hour flight back to within 300 miles of our starting point.

Our friend Kevin, graciously picked us up at JFK airport and we promptly loaded our wrapped-up bikes onto the top of his VW Golf. It was now midnight and we were tired and excited at the same time.

Bike after flight

The next day we slept in listening to the sounds of birds outside. We were so glad to be back.  In Mexico we had yearned for the anonymity on the streets of NYC. We planned to spend a week or so here to decompress and get ready for our last 300 miles north. We have found the Clinton Hill and Fort Greene areas of Brooklyn to be quite relaxing and very beautiful in regard to architecture, food and flora. There are many good walks in this area.

Roaming around the Pratt Institute campus

Fountain near Prospect park

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Flowers at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Bike lanes and Bike boxes approaching a busy traffic circle at Prospect Park

Bryan and Kevin ponder the city

View from Kevin and Yoko's rear balcony in Brooklyn

As we settled into the city we planned to head over to the island of Manhattan for a day trip and to visit some of Bryan’s family that we were able to visit with on the way down back in September. It’s great to go full circle.  We’ll have more photos of NYC in the next post.

Bryan and Debi


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