And….we’re back……on the road!


Our last post was dated June 20, 2010.  Wow. We had returned from cycling and traveling approx. 4,500 miles from Vermont to Mexico.  We spent the summer back in Vermont, pondering our path and researching options.  To settle back in or not?

We considered living in the Adirondacks, Poultney VT, or returning to Northern Vermont.  Essentially we needed to find shelter for the winter and rebuild our coffers.  We ended up finding a tiny apartment in Jeffersonville VT in October.  It seemed perfect, it was bigger than our tent, within walking distance of everything we needed and 5 miles to Smuggler’s Notch Ski Area.  It was shaping up to be a good fit.  Suddenly opportunity knocked!  We had spent the month of October landscaping together at a beautiful property in East Johnson VT.  Each day was filled with a glorious view and perennial beds that needed attention.  At the end of fall clean up we were offered the caretaker position for the property.  We couldn’t believe our luck!  Caretaking was a hot topic for us for the last couple years and we had closely followed the ads on the Caretaker’s Gazette.  Really?!  We were being offered to caretake?  OK, time to reconsider the rental in Jeffersonville and maybe go in a different direction.  6 weeks after moving to Jeffersonville we packed up and moved to our new home in East Johnson at Dreaming Mountain.  We spent a long winter at 1500 feet, removing snow, maintaining structures, dealing with rentals and booking weddings, retreats and more for 2011.  Thanks to the third snowiest winter on record in Vermont we stayed close to home.

Fall 2010 Dreaming Mountain

Bryan landscapes on the grounds at DM

Road at Dreaming Mountain with view of Elmore Mountain

Beautiful door from 1700s at Dreaming Mountain

View from inside Main House at Dreaming Mountain

The view from Dreaming Mountain's orchard

In the early Spring of this year we started to feel the pull of our touring bicycles.  They were calling to us from the corner of our house, beckoning us to return to them.  It seemed so easy, we have the gear and the experience; we just need to wind down our life again in order to get going.  We committed to staying at Dreaming Mountain until the end of September, guiding and training our replacements during our last week.  We could go on and on into details, but really it’s simple:  we had an amazing experience caretaking together at Dreaming Mountain.  We are so grateful for the opportunity and the new friends we’ve met thanks to this experience.

So once again, we found ourselves facing our possessions.  Selling off excess items like our old motorcycle and giving away other things.  It’s work to have less, it’s easy to have more.  We whittled down our meager possessions even more throughout the summer and by the beginning of September the reality of our choice was starting to kick in.  We’re going to do it again…..pedal ourselves into the future.  We’ll head south initially, moving laterally at first in order to visit friends and take some extensive rail trails.

Before we left we took a scenic train ride on the Saratoga & North Creek Railroad thanks to Bryan’s dad as he works for the train. We began our pedaling in Saratoga Springs, NY from Bryans parent’s home on Saturday October 8th.  We rode short distances for the next couple of days, stopping in on friends and family. Then we picked up the pace and put in a bunch of miles on the Erie Canal Trail.

Bryan with his mother Maureen

Bryan's dad David - looking sharp!

Debi and her mom Carol

We stayed with Jeff, Kim, Sydney and Jeffy in Ballston Spa, NY for the night. Bryan and Jeff were roommates in Durango, CO 12 years ago.

Bryan's Aunt Jan and Uncle Cliff in Rexford, NY

Bridge in the Mohawk Valley

Erie Canal Trail + Bike Route 5 NY

Old Lock outside of Amsterdam, NY on Erie Canal Trail

We met Kai and Sheila of on the trail, they are from Burlington VT and have just started an around the world adventure!

Erie Canal Trail in Herkimer, NY

The Mohawk River in Little Falls, NY

It’s now the beginning of our second week on the road.  We have been staying the weekend in a little cabin at our friend’s Brandon and Jennifer’s in Greene, NY outside of Binghamton.  Brandon has a business leading Stand Up Paddling tours in the area called SUP Country Tours.  We’ve been out twice and we’re totally digging the introduction to this awesome sport, it’s like surfing on the river.

Stand Up Paddling on the Tioughnioga River

Brandon and Jennifer on the Chenango River

Our little cabin at Brandon and Jennifer's in Greene, NY - Thanks you two!

We’ve decided to stay a little longer with Brandon and Jennifer to tighten up our gear and also relax a bit.  We are excited to catch an Andrew Bird concert tonight  in Binghamton, NY.  We will start pedaling again later this week.  Brandon is going to give a ride a couple hours south and we’ll pick up the Pine Creek Rail Trail, also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.

We should post a new gear list in the next 2 days, check the Gear page for details.

OK, it was tough to summarize a year in one post.  Thanks for joining us and we look forward to sharing our travels here with you all.


Bryan and Debi


11 Responses to “And….we’re back……on the road!”

  1. 1 Lisa Damian

    Yeah Bryan and Debi,

    Glad to read this blog post and to get news of your travels. Is there a way to mail you something small? If so, how? Hope your travels are adventurous, inspiring and safe.

    Lots of love….Lisa

    • 2 thrubike

      Thanks Lisa!

      We may try to connect with Kim in Sunset Beach. Hope this finds you well


  2. 3 Maureen C. Waters

    Thanks for the blog & pictures- great! Ride safely! Have a great trip!

  3. Livin’ the Dream man, that’s all I can say. I love it….what a gift to see that gorgeous scenery in VT and live, eat, and breathe it. You don’t find that on Wall Street, in an Ipod, or in the hustle bustle of “the commoners”. I commend you guys for following your souls.
    Love Ben

  4. 5 Peter M.

    I’m excited to see that you are back on the road again. I really look forward to reading about your adventures and seeing photos of your trip. Stay safe and enjoy the ride; I hope you have a fantastic journey!

    Peter M.

    • 6 thrubike

      Thanks for following along!

      Sorry we didn’t get that ride in – we will make it happen sometime inn the future!

      Take Care

  5. Great to see you guys are back on the road. You both were an insperation to me and got the wheels spinning on my own tour. You seem to have your whole life planned with no plan. Enjoy it. I will be following you as often as I can.
    Best of luck
    Frank Zangara (Bike Cop) ret.

  6. Hi Bryan & Debi,

    We ended up taking the Amtrak from Syracuse to Chicago to visit some friends & to avoid some nasty weather. We’re in Kansas City, MO, now but we’ll head out on Thursday toward Omaha, NE, then Amtrak it west to help us get closer to CA and allow us to be in Baja by the end of December.

    Hope your travels are going well. We’ll be curious to see where your hearts end up landing.

    Be Well.
    Sheila & Kai

  7. 9 Fred y Judy

    You two are a source of inspiration. I have not done tai chi since Zipolite with Bryan on the beach. I need another lesson. Keep safe and enjoy the US.

    • 10 thrubike

      Hi Fred!

      My Tai Chi practice has relaxed a fair bit as well – Next time we meet we will have to do some together.

      Thanks for following along.

      Are you in Judy heading south this year?

  1. 1 Bend, OR «

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