The Great Allegheny Passage-PA to MD


We picked up the Great Allegheny Passage at about mile 87 in Connellsville, Pennsylvania on Wednesday October 26.  We breathed a huge sigh of relief as we pedaled deeper into the forest leaving the main roads behind. The first night we camped outside of Ohiopyle that night.  We awoke to rain and stopped in Ohiopyle for breakfast and a bit of warmth.  The end of season was certainly apparent as most of the town was closed up.  We rode all day on Thursday and stayed at a great little hostel in Rockwood.  We had the whole place to ourselves and we set to work airing out everything, doing laundry and drinking lots of tea to warm our chilly bones.  On Friday we hung out at a coffee shop and blogged about PA.  Then we got on the road in the early afternoon and tried to get as close as we could to Cumberland, Maryland-the end of the GAP.  The afternoon was exciting as we crossed the Eastern Continental Divide, picked some late season wild apples, went through the Big Savage Tunnel, AND crossed the Mason Dixon Line-wow!  We knew that there was an impending storm but we decided to camp out anyway and then pedal the short possibly snowy 8 miles. Sure enough, we woke up to our tent collapsing in on us, our bikes under snow, and chilly wet temperatures.  We packed up and pedaled into Cumberland, MD-finishing up the GAP with our tracks leaving lines in the trail behind us.  Super cold and needing shelter we checked in to a hotel. We soaked in a hot tub, watched TV and processed what we had just done.  Situation temporary is our mantra.  Next post is about the C&O Canal Path.

Rainy Ohiopyle

Bryan and a cast iron bridge on the GAP

Woohoo! All downhill from here

Big Savage Tunnel

Riding by the tracks

Quiet out there

A tunnel before Cumberland gave us a little break from the snow

We made it to Cumberland!



2 Responses to “The Great Allegheny Passage-PA to MD”

  1. 1 Gary Briere

    Hope you have your studded tires with you.

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