Chippokes State Park


On Monday afternoon November 14th we checked into a campsite at Chippokes State Park.  It had been a super windy day of riding so we decided to end early and enjoy a Virginia State Park.  The place was practically deserted and we took advenatage of the bike paths within the park to explore with our bikes unloaded.  The park has been continually farmed since 1613 and is situated right along the James River across from Jamestown. The history was thick in the air.

Great weathervane

The River House at the Plantation

In the orchard, no panniers!

Beatiful flower spotted on a low tree branch

The mansion

Bike path along majestic trees

Outbuildings at the Plantation

Sunset light on the trees along farm fields

The James River

We left Chippokes State park on Tuesday morning, refreshed and looking forward to staying with another warmshowers host in Suffolk, VA.  We followed a super rural route through cotton and peanut fields.  We were chased by the occasional dog but had little to no traffic most of the day. Sometimes we’re not sure what’s better, tractor trailers or dogs.  Following the Adventure Cycling great as they take into consideration terrain, traffic and scenery.

Cotton bales

Rural coastal Virginia

We are now about to leave Suffolk and  the comfort of our warmshowers host’s home.  It’s drizzly outside but the weather looks just fine in the coming days to our northern blood.  We are looking forward to exploring the Outer Banks of North Carolina – new to both of us.  We’re hoping the headwinds aren’t too constant and for low traffic thanks to it being the off season.  We’ve had a great time getting through Virginia.  2 years ago we struggled here through the mountains, dealing with cold temperatures.  Coastal Virginia has been lovely and we hope to one day explore the Chesapeake Bay region even more.

We’ve been asked recently who takes all the photos.  We both have identical digital cameras and the photos are a combined effort.  Honestly, the camera comes out more often in the good times than the bad.  Poor weather = poor photos.  It may seem like we are always in sunshine but really it’s an illusion.  No doubt we are traveling through beauty all the time.  We live in an amazing country!

See you soon and thanks for following along,

Bryan and Debi


3 Responses to “Chippokes State Park”

  1. 1 Dan Grant

    Always nice to see your photos and follow your progress. thrubike is in my Favorites and I check on you almost daily. A little snow fell here yesterday, which makes the woodfire feel good.

    • 2 thrubike

      Thanks Dan :) It’s nice to be able to share our stories with friends like you.

  2. Great photos.

    Now that Im back home I can keep an eye on you two daily. Keep up the pace. In my opinion, the dogs are worse. The trucks will do their best to give you a wide birth. The dogs will do their best to raise your b/p.

    Stay safe.

    Frank, bike cop

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