Please stand by


Hello everyone! Thanks to free 3G on our new Kindle we are able to do this quick post. We decided to fast forward a bit, we rented a car the other day from Myrtle Beach, SC to Jacksonville, FL. We are now at a wonderfule city park camping by the ocean. The weather is wonderful! We are heading to St. Augustine tomorrow. The blog will be up to date in a couple days. Hope everybody is doing well and we’ll see you soon. D+B


4 Responses to “Please stand by”

  1. 1 Kate Cross

    Ok, I’m old. What is free 3G?Glad to hear you’re in FL!

    • 2 thrubike

      Hi Kate! 3g is what the cell towers transmit for data on cell phones and devices like the Ipad and Kindle. If there’s ample reception we can browse the internet on our Kindle for free thanks to 3g.

  2. The Kindle sucked you in, I see! ;-) I’ve been having problems with my connectivity. Did you get the Fire?

    • 4 thrubike

      Hi Sheila! We didn’t get the fire, we opted for the same model as you I think with the keyboard and free 3g. It’s been working pretty well and the internet works about 85% of the time. We’re following you guys and glad to see you are having sunny Cali days :)

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