Happy Holidays


Warm wishes for everyone as they gather together to celebrate the season.  Here’s a few photos we’ve collected along the way this time that we’ve saved to share for the holidays.

Spotted in Palatka, FL

Sweet deal!

Santa pedals in the Outer Banks in NC

Take care everyone with special wishes to our friends and family-we miss you all!

Debi and Bryan


4 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. 1 Frank Zangara

    Merry Christmas to you both

    From the Zangara’s

  2. 2 Peter M.

    Merry Christmas Bryan and Debi! I hope you are enjoying your week in St. Petersburg.

    Peter M.

  3. 3 Kate Cross

    Merry Christmas chicken fajita!

  4. 4 Joanne Harrison

    HI Debi and Bryan, Well I finally got caught up on your trip having left off when you were on the Cumberland Trail…. think that was before Thanksgiving. We had been in Chicago for that holiday then home to the craziness of Christmas prep… and here it is almost New Year’s Eve.

    I really love reading your posts and seeing the sights along the trails.. all the things you don’t see from the car are amazing, and having the luxury of time to explore is a gift for sure. You are helping all of us who have a vagabond fantasy to experience it vicariously through all of the great photos and posts. Thanks.

    We think of you both often and are happy to see and hear you so happy. May 2012 bring you great joy and great trails as you continue on your journey. You are gaining a perspective on the country, its people and values that is most extraordinary and worth sharing. Happy New Year somewhere in Florida. We hope to get down there sometime in the next couple of months. Hugs, Jo

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