St. Petersburg


Happy New Year everyone!

Well, after an extended  holiday break in St. Petersburg, FL we will be getting back on the bikes tomorrow for a 700 mile meander through central and southern Florida. We are excited to  meet up with family down in the Keys and to continue soaking up the warm winter weather.  St. Petersburg has been a fascinating city  to observe. From our 7th floor hotel room we have been able to look down and watch each evening’s events unfold. It has been great to take some days off , get some sun, catch up on the news and wait out the holidays and associated traffic.  We’ve been staying at the Williams Park Hotel just on the edge of the downtown hub. At $180 a week and its  with its views of Tampa Bay it can’t be beat.

View from our room

Cafes at night

Banyan Tree

Palms at Vinoy Basin

Flock of Black Skimmers

Sculpture in Vinoy Park

Sunset on the Pier (which is slated for a huge renovation)

Pedal powered Surrey!

These little cruisers circulated out from the pier and were rented hourly to all sizes of groups. They had horns and bells and made their way all around the waterfront. Some families wore helmets and rode slow. Others sped and took corners too fast while laughing.

Looking back toward St. Petersburg on the stark Pier

The pier in St. Petersburg is slated for a huge renovation and there was a design competition for ideas. The history of the pier is pretty interesting.  We tend to think they could take away a few of the six lanes for cars, plant some trees and grass areas, ditch the valet parking, provide some shade, keep the trolley and change the street lights. Oh yeah, and the Lego look of the main pavilion can’t stay. They have a $50 million dollar budget so hopefully they can come up with something.

Bryan takes to the streets on foot

We were able to see a permanent collection of some glass work by Dale Chihuly at the Morean Arts Center. We weren’t able to take photos of the exhibit but we were able to take a few in the gift shop. Amazing work.  Blue neon lit room was super funky.

Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly piece

Dale Chihuly piece

Salvador Dali Museum

We went out for a few rides on local bike routes. With the Pinellas Trail and a decent amount of bike lanes it is fairly easy to get around the city. Beaches were within an hours ride from our downtown digs.

East Beach near Fort De Soto

Beach on Treasure Island

The elusive dolphin

Happy New Year!

Happy New year everyone! More to come from inland Florida and the Everglades.



6 Responses to “St. Petersburg”

  1. 1 Gretch

    Looking good guys. I’m a big Dale Chihuly fan. Glad you got to check it out. Keep it coming. Happy 2012. I hope you have many happy, healthy miles this year. Love ya!

  2. 2 Lisa Damian

    Happy New Year Bryan and Debi! It is great to see these photos. The glass pieces remind me of comb jellies – small jellyfish like creature that bioluminesce. And Debi, every time I see a pic of you I think how great you look with your hair cut that way. You too look so happy, healthy and lovely. Keep on keeping on. Love….

  3. 4 Kate Cross

    Happy New Year, you two! Keep us posted on your travels and adventures!

    • 5 thrubike

      Thanks Aunt Kate! Happy New Year to you as well. We will keep everyone posted. I think things are going to have a more western feel from here on out.

      Thanks for following along!


  4. 6 John Ramsay

    Hi Bryan & Debi. I am John the volunteer that you met on the Van Fleet Trail in Polk City, FL. It looks like the two of you are enjoying yourselves. Stay safe and healthy. If on your return, you need a night to hold over, send me an email telling me when etc. and I can either get you or give you directions to my home. I am only 20 miles from the Van Fleet trail where I met you.
    Enjoy and happy cycling.

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