Key West


It’s quite incredible to us native northerners to escape the arms of winter, especially on a bicycle. 80 degrees and sunny can become pretty easy living after awhile.  Thanks to Carol, Theresa and Greg for making the trip down and hanging out for awhile. We had a great time! So many amazing meals!

Here are some pics of the days we had…

Near Mallory Square

Cruise ship looms

Debi, Teresa and Carol

Downtown Key West


Iguana in a tree off our deck that Carol named Ignap

Blending in

One of our favorite places in Key West is the Hemmingway Home and Museum. We especially love the Cuban tilework and of course all the six-toed cats that own the place. A nice place to escape the heat of streets.


Yes, that seems to be how it is

Seen on window of the gift shop

Upper porch

six toes of purrfection

Bathroom tile

Midday nap

With the temps in the 80’s we took  full advantage and got out on the water. Greg and I did some open ocean fishing from kayaks, the water and wind were incredibly calm. We caught some small croakers but alas nothing  for dinner. It was fun fishing in the open ocean and also for mangrove snappers in a creek. Debi and I also got to do some Stand Up Paddling out of Hurricane Hole on Stock Island. Thanks again to our amazing friend Brandon who introduced us to SUP’ing on a couple of rivers in Chenango County up in New York  State. If you are ever in the area and want to learn more or get started with Stand Up Paddling definitely look him up. Brandon maintains a blog  Chenango Backcountry with his contact info. His rates are very reasonable and the tours are incredible.

Greg fishing out on the open ocean

Bryan out on the super calm sea

Debi Stand Up Paddling off Stock Island

Debi heads out across the channel toward Key West

Taking a break in the salt marshes

Cruising through the marshes

Debi and Teresa watching the sun go down

There were plenty of fun souvenirs to peruse in Key West.  Being on the bicycles we didn’t do a whole lot of shopping but it sure was fun to touch stuff! Key West and some of the other Keys have plenty of feral roosters and hens which gives the place a sort of tropical farm feel without the farm.

Medium size alligator head

Rooster and hens outside our condo

Ignap hanging on and blending in

Easy days and nights in Key West

Debi, Carol and Teresa visited the Key West butterfly and Nature Conservatory and saw all sorts of butterflies and birds!

Butterfly having some nectar

Cute little bird

Resting in the sun

At rest

So vibrant!

So delicate

Next post will be of the Everglades National Park and of our last days in Florida. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for following along!



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  1. Wow – the butterflies are gorgeous! I’m loving the photos, and Debi’s ‘do too. :-)

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