Last days in Florida


Our time in Key West came to an end on Sunday January 22nd. It was so nice to relax with family and take a break from riding.  Faced with what to do next, on a whim we contacted good friends in Asheville, North Carolina.  Yearning for more down time and the community of friends we decided to rent a car and drive up to NC from the keys, and thanks to a cheap car rental it seemed like a good plan. Sunday morning we picked up our rental car in the midst of a half marathon that was going on. We loaded up our bikes and met up again with our family to explore the Everglades National Park and to make one more stop for mangoes at Robert is Here fruit stand.

Snoozing gator

Fishing for food

Big old yawn

Patient Heron

Gator Hole in Royal Palm Hammock

After exploring the park, we stayed the night in Ft. Lauderdale at a hotel and then after breakfast the next day we said our goodbyes. We then left on the  long drive up the  Atlantic coast with our smoking hot little rental car.  On the way we stayed the night in the Jacksonville area and revisited Huguenot Memorial Park. This was one of our favorite campgrounds on the way down so we wanted to stay there one more time before we left Florida.

Our campsite and Dick Tracy rental car!

Mouth of the St. Johns River

Low tide on the river

Buried old road bed turned into dunes

US exports leaving port

One last Florida sunset over the St. Johns river

The next morning we headed out early and arrived in the afternoon in Asheville, NC. In total we wound up pedaling 1200 miles while in Florida. We’re all set with Florida for now, it was an interesting experience, packed with wildlife, a great place to stay warm, copious flat terrain, and a nice rendezvous with loved ones.

Our next post will be about our time in Asheville.

See you soon!



One Response to “Last days in Florida”

  1. 1 Frank Zangara

    That was a lot of time and miles spent in Florida. Im glad you enjoyed it. The pics are great (as usual). looking forward to you next post.

    Be safe

    Bike cop

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