Good times with great friends in Asheville


We arrived in Asheville to unseasonably warm temperatures.   We felt the pull to be close to our friends Keri and Ira and to wait out a little more of winter  in the mild mountain climate.  Keri is the owner of Healing Roots Design specializing in ecological landscape design and herbal education. If you are in need of a knowledgeable approach to an edible, healing landscape then Keri is the one to consult. Keri is very kind and professional and will tailor to your specific site and lifestyle. Ira is the owner of Smart Feller Tree Works  providing solutions in the stewardship of trees. An experienced climber, Ira is able to remove difficult trees that may be about to topple over on someone’s home.

Keri and Debi at the Botanical Gardens

Ira, the Smart Feller

Asheville is a food lovers delight with all kinds of restaurants. The smells in the streets at lunch time are overwhelming. Many of the establishments serve locally sourced  food which always seem to taste a little bit better. We can highly recommend Mela for an amazing Indian lunch buffet. Another little gem is Double D’s coffee shop, a converted double deck bus where we met the owner, Karen. A must stop for any caffeinated treat. We recommend sitting in the front seat on the upper deck to watch the world go by.

Double D's Coffee Bus

Beauty without leaves

Debi and Ira with Bryan taking the photo out for a ride in the Blue Ridge mountains

During our stay we met countless wonderful folks and had many nice dinners. One couple we met were Jack and Theta. They own a company called Jack’s Nut Butters. Another new friend, Alexis, taught us some Pilates techniques to utilize while traveling, especially for biking. She’s a terrific instructor and for more info visit her website.

Ira, Bryan and a couple others were able to get out one afternoon to Bent Creek where they tore it up on some epic singletrack. Green Lick Trail was worth every ounce of climbing. A much needed trail experience with dry conditions and warm temps. Two  were on 29ers and two on 26ers. Bryan rode an old Specialized Stumpjumper and proudly brought up the rear of the pack. After the ride all dined at Homegrown a local favorite.

Lively tree stump on neighborhood trails in North Asheville

One thing Asheville is not short on is street art. We love seeing new work and have a keen awareness for it at this point. We love walking around and finding bits here and there. Be sure to check out some of the pieces we have seen in the US and Mexico on our other page.

Street art in Chicken Alley

Asheville gave us the time to relax and be homebodies.  We worked on our plans for traveling west and spent time scouring craigslist for rideshares.  After cost comparing all the modes of transport available to us: planes, trains, rental cars, and greyhound we found craigslist to be our best bet.  We decided not to ride our bikes along the southern states.  We already pedaled lots of miles a couple years ago through Mississippi and Texas and we just didn’t feel like doing it again.  Getting a ride to Arizona will allow  us to get started where we really want to be.  We’ve been dreaming about our travels in the west for some time, not to mention catching the wildflowers in season.

We had a great layover in Asheville.  Thanks again Keri and Ira for hosting us! Wonderful to meet new friends too!



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