Travels with Rocky


On Thursday February 16th we waited all day for our rideshare Scott to show up.  We thought he was going to come in the morning but it turned into 8pm.  That’s what happens when you’re at the whim of another person’s schedule.  We loaded up our bikes and gear with Ira’s rope tying expertise.  As we were about to climb into Scott’s Suburban he showed us another passenger-Ralph, the bearded dragon lizard.  Scott also had a young mutt named Rocky who was thankfully well behaved.

Rocky and Ralph holding down the back

We drove through the night, with Bryan taking the night shift and Scott sleeping in the back.  We mainly only stopped for gas and to let Rocky out.  We took a break on Friday afternoon to have some Texas BBQ.  We spent all day Friday in Texas.

We drove until about 2am and then we all slept in the vehicle until Saturday morning.  During the day on Saturday we did a little sight seeing from the vehicle in Gila National Forest. Just west of Magdalena, NM we made a short visit to the VLA or as we later learned stands for Very Large Array.  A remote region of the world on the plains of San Augustin.

Our bikes on the back-panniers on top

Heading west in New Mexico

More of the open road in New Mexico


Satellite dishes in the desert

Bryan standing next to a dish-they are very large indeed!

Honestly, the rideshare was yet another learning experience for us. Sometimes we feel like the life lessons are endless and we have to just keep on living and learning. Scott was an erratic driver, driving much faster and crazy that we would ever attempt.  We acknowledge our sensitivity to vehicles is heightened….and being in one now with our experiences on the side of the road cause us to almost be nauseous while going down the road at high speeds.  The ride got even more exciting as we tried to leave the VLA and the Suburban would not go into drive.  The transmission linkage was failing and thankfully Scott was handy enough to get it into gear and started again.  Due to these problems we ended up driving directly the rest of the way without turning off the vehicle or even being able to put  it into park.  Gas station stops were a group effort with the driver taking a break, putting the parking break on and someone else stepping in to press the brake as back up.  Just another addition to the circus that was our ride.

We most certainly will seek rideshares in the future but we will be a bit more selective.  It was a 1900 mile whirlwind. Thankfully there are many more opportunities in the West for rideshares.  It’s an earth and wallet friendly option for travel.  We made it to a campground outside of Tucson in the darkness at 1:30am-we hadn’t even seen Arizona in daylight yet.

Our next post will share the beginning of a new chapter in our travels-Arizona!




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