Situation Temporary


The other day we almost quit. The whole trip. Some days just don’t go well and we get a mean reality check and wonder what on earth we are doing. We left Gilbert Ray campground and headed southwest into a mean headwind. We were progressing slowly. There was a forest fire looming on the horizon and Border Patrol SUV’s were whizzing by us seemingly endlessly. Food options were lack luster and the camping scene was about nil, even for us.  We pulled over on the side of the road and we both agreed it wasn’t much fun. We thought about our options and decided to turn right around and  return back toward Tucson. Our headwind turned into an awesome tailwind and we just about flew back to town. With this decision, it put us back into town with rush hour just getting revved up. The traffic was absurd. Even with a bike lane, the traffic was driving way to fast for the area we were in and drivers still seemed  distracted. Not fun. We rode as far as we could but could not escape the the sprawl of the city. We camped in a sparsely vegetated field across from some gas stations and near some housing development. We got a restless sleep at best and still weren’t sure how much more of this we could take.

When the sun broke, we decided to walk our bikes back on the side walk a couple miles and get some breakfast at a local restaurant. Food helps settle the mind and restore the body which we badly  needed. There was a Quality Inn across the street. Debi called them, $74 a night check in at 3pm. It was 8:30 am. We asked if they would consider an early check in. They said sure come on in! OK, things were starting to look up. If we checked in after breakfast we could be behind closed doors for 23 and half hours! Not bad. Hot showers, three soaks in the hot  tub and pool and we were starting to come around. A little Jimmy Fallon and a king size bed can go a long way to restoring ones mood. The continental breakfast the next morning was too good to be true with waffles, suasage, cereal and coffee.

We spent our time in the hotel re-planning our route, methods and strategies. We are ever refining this process and it sometimes just seems endless. …micro managing our gear, checking the weather, changing where we resupply…and it goes on.  We left renewed on Thursday morning with the destination of Redington Pass which leads to Cascabel and Benson.  As we reached the edge of Coronado National Forest at the end of the day our hearts were smiling as the road turned to dirt and the traffic was non-existent.  Our new mustache handlebars help our touring bikes handle more like mountain bikes in the rough terrain.

We have a mantra that we swear by “Situation Temporary”.  Keeping in motion we can change any situation and inevitably it gets better or just changes completely.  People may wonder-why bother with all this?  The people we meet and the sights we see remind us that this life is special, precious, and it’s not a dress rehearsal.  We most certainly can do anything really…..faced with this is like an existential crisis everyday.  We have to remind ourselves that we have free will and we can turn around any time we want and go in a different direction. This time we did.

Keep on moving

Our new friend Jimmy Smith sent us an email the other day after we shared our recent difficulties.  He said “It’s not quitting ever if there is change.  Creation unfolds itself in mysterious ways for us to be open to.”  Thanks Jimmy.

See you down the road,

Bryan and Debi in Cochise County, Arizona


3 Responses to “Situation Temporary”

  1. 1 Frank Zangara

    You had me worried until I read the rest of your post. Keep on trucking. you guys are great.

    Be safe

    Bike cop

  2. 2 Kate Cross

    The wisest words my Mom ever said, “Nothing lasts forever.” Good luck and good spirits to you both!

  3. Thank you for this post. Came to me at the perfect time. I’m really having a hard time lately, wondering if I’m meant to be the long-term touring cyclist. When I’m out there and it’s good, it’s really good. But lately I’ve been having some pretty severe fear/anxiety issues. I feel it more when in bad traffic and in densely populated areas.

    Your words remind me that it’s ok to change direction if need be and that it is not only ok but a sign of strength to be willing to change.

    Thank you.

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