Redington Pass


We left Tucson again on Thursday March 8th.  We exited the hotel we were staying at and resupplied a grocery store.  We climbed up to Redington Pass and camped near the top, waiting until the next day to climb the rest.  Friday was quiet except for the sounds of the gravel beneath our tires.  We worked hard to climb and the descents abounded.   We found peace in the simplicity of our surroundings.  Saturday we arrived in Benson to stay with our Jerry and Lainie.   Thanks to you two for a great stay!

Pavement leading up to Redington Pass

Here's where the pavement turns to dirt for the next 25+ miles

Redington Pass is in the Coronado Nation Forest

Our new mustache handlebars make the dirt flow

No traffic out here

Debi gets some downhill

Bryan says goodbye to the Saguaro Cactus

Stealth camp site between Redington Pass and Benson near Cascabel

Another view of the campsite with a giant leaning Barrel Cactus

Jumping Cholla forest-these things will destroy you with their barbs

Our gracious hosts in Benson, AZ let us stay in their camper in the backyard

This post is short and sweet.  We are in Willcox at the moment.  We’ll again further down the road.

Thanks everybody for following along and supporting us on our journey!

Debi and Bryan


4 Responses to “Redington Pass”

  1. 1 Frank Zangara

    Looks cold in the desert. When mother nature calls during the midnight hours I hope you are very careful. Those cactus look unforgiving.

    Keep on trucking. Love the pics.

    Bike cop

  2. 2 Jack Winslow

    I love the pictures, thanks for sharing your adventures. Have you ever considered writing a book between trips? Best wishes, Jack

  3. 3 Gretch

    Missing you guys and always proud!! Spring is definitely here is Vermont. The slopes are melting rapidly and onto the next season. Loving the pics as always and the bike church rocks!

  4. great looking road! will have to check it it out. love the giant barrel cactus too!

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