Cochise Stronghold


On Sunday, March, 11th we arrived in Cochise Stronghold campground at the end of the day with only one site left. This place was a little busier than we thought.  That night we met Jim and Cathy and had a fine evening telling stories around their campfire. happy trails to you both and maybe we will meet up in Colorado! On Monday, March 12th we woke early and immediately decided to stay another night. We waited as few people headed out and then we claimed a better site. We just picked up our tent and moved it without taking it down and then rolled our bikes on over. Then we fixed some breakfast and watched as the other campers rose and and got started with their day. We lounged around and went through our gear for most of the morning and afternoon and then decided to take a hike on the Cochise Trail. The birds in the campground were just spectacular. The Acorn Woodpeckers and the Mexican Jays were everywhere. We were gifted some oranges and we sliced one up and set it out in our campsite to see if we could get some to come a little closer. It worked.

Acorn woodpecker eating from an orange slice

Acorn woodpecker lookin' at us

Mexican Jay

Our new campsite

Many places to hide in the Dragoon Mountains

Along the Cochise Trail

Rock formations

The hiking was good and we took it slow.  We are still adjusting to the arid climate and the higher elevations. It is said Cochise is buried in these hills but no one knows where. We looked around but didn’t find any clues.

Hiker Debi

Hiker Bryan

Sun glow on the Dragoon mountains

That afternoon we met a nice couple from British Columbia, Sherry and Allan. They told us some super stories about landing small planes on the beaches in Baja.  Allan had built his own super light, Styrofoam and fiberglass truck camper that just was just fantastic. It even had an outdoor shower attachment. After a nice chat we cooked our dinner and then spent the evening with Sue and Newt from Wisconsin. Lots of good stories! They were camping in a cute little Casita that they towed behind their pick up. Happy trails to all of you!

We decided to get an early start the following day so we could roll into Willcox, AZ to re-supply. See you there! D+B


2 Responses to “Cochise Stronghold”

  1. 1 Sue Brisk

    Hi Bryan and Debi….this is Sue and Knute with the Casita…looking through my notes, I found your website and looked back in your notes to this visit we had together in Cochise Stronghold! I also enjoyed and photographed the accommodating Acorn Woodpeckers. This winter we landed in Rockport, Tx. We’re enjoying the beach, birds and warmth. Notes in my journal remind me of the philosophic evening we shared around the campfire with you both.
    safe travels!

    • 2 thrubike

      Hi Sue and Knute! Yes what an evening it was. Remember getting “shushed” by our neighbors. Debi and I love Texas. Is Rockport near Padre Island? Safe travels and who knows we may see you again someday!

      Take Care,

      Bryan and Debi

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