On Tuesday, March 13th we woke early to a quiet campground. We packed up, ate our breakfast and headed out before anyone else. The air was crisp but the sun was out. The first 12 miles were relatively traffic free and windless. Not a bad combination at all. We are starting to see the value in getting an early start to beat these Arizona winds. They usually don’t pick up until late morning. We retraced some of our route a couple days prior and then picked up 191 and headed north a couple of miles toward Coshise, AZ. Once we came to the Union Pacific and Amtrak railroad tracks we took a hard right  and followed their access road toward Willcox. This decision allowed us 8 miles of motorist free travel while avoiding a longer route that would involve I-10 again. This route also afforded us the opportunity to cross a dry lake on bicycles. Back during WWII the US military used this area as a bombing range. Fun stuff and we were glad no bombs were dropping or that the wind did not pick up. Not sure you would want to be out here in inclement weather.

Morning sun glow from camp

Precision pruning on Walnut trees in the Sulphur Springs valley

Haven't seen these yet

Debi in the distance

Debi, going, going...


Looking out across the dry lake / bombing range

Heavy Duty

This is going to be good


Too much fun today!

Not one, but two trains on an 8 mile stretch without motorists = Awesome

Once we arrived in Willcox it couldn’t get any better. We found a small park with water, a BBQ joint, no traffic and big easy streets to navigate, an ice cream stand with wifi, thrift store, supermarket and a depot converted into a town hall. Bicycle touring is just about the best way to visit a new place. You never know what you are going to find and some days it just does not get any better.

Historic Railroad Park in downtown Willcox

Statue of Rex Allen

If you wish for BBQ hard enough it will come

More class than is measurable

And one more view for those of you who don't have cable

Willcox Depot - now the Town Hall

As we finished up our re-supply at Safeway and the ice cream shop we met a few road cyclists who were on a supported tour from Tombstone. We chatted a for awhile and then headed out of town toward the Willcox Playa Wildlife Refuge where we learned there was free camping.

On our way out of Willcox

Campsite near the Playa

Epic sunset over the Dragoon Mountains

Tomorrow, we begin our ride to Chiracahua National Monument. Stay tuned.

Bryan and Debi



3 Responses to “Willcox…ALL ABOARD!”

  1. 1 Frank Zangara

    You dont find a “Willcox” in NJ, or a sunset like that.

  2. 2 Gretchen

    Awesome shots! Love the birds and trains. There are some amazing archaeological finds in the Dragoons.

  3. 3 Lisa Damian

    Debi and Bryan so glad to hear your latest news and to see the photos – which are wonderful. One (or both) of you is/are an amazing photographer. I hope the road continues to treat you well. Sending much love. Lisa

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