Happy 33rd Birthday Debra Kate!!


Happy Birthday to the most amazing 33 year old I know! I love you and I can’t wait to keep doing what we are doing together. I don’t want to be anywhere else  but next to you for all the years to come! Debi, you are the most incredible woman I know  and also the love of my life! Here is how we will celebrate today:

First, we will check in on that age thing…

Starting early and no helmet!

Yeah, you still got it!

Then we can read a little poetry together…

And I think over again 
My small adventures 
When with a shore wind I drifted out 
In my kayak 
And thought I was in danger. 
My fears 
Those small ones 
That I thought so big, 
For all the vital things 
I had to get and to reach 
And yet, there is only 
One great thing, 
The only thing: 
To live to see in huts and on journeys
The great day that dawns, 
And the little light that fills the 

                            – Inuit Poem

Then we can play some music…and look at some older pics.

Coolest Co-pilots ever = Grey Fox bound!

Debi Ringo - The dog whisperer

In the streets of New York

Debi, you are truly amazing when you are…

...Tuned In

...On Vinyl

...In a Tree

...On Jersey boardwalks

...being a Bad Ass

Everyday I am reminded about your great skills and accomplishments…

...Cuz' you are the master fire stoker!

...the best lunch maker

...and the stealthest stealth camper

... not to mention a mighty bridge crosser

...and the worlds greatest home maker

even a budding downhiller!

Now, I know there are a bunch of other folks that love you too…and I know you miss them a lot. So, today we will invite everyone here for a little birthday party. So, say hello and imagine what they would say!


Grama and Meggie!



The whole crew!

and Bubber too!

And, if we had more money…I would buy you…


and maybe a new bicycle!

Or, I won’t buy you anything and we just keep doing what we are doing. I will make you a card – it shouldn’t be that hard. Then, later today we will go for a hike, look for some snakes, think about grilling some chicken fried steak and then come to our our senses and bake a vegan chocolate cake. All this without spending any money at all!

Looking back, I hope you have no regrets. I love you and Happy 33rd Birthday!!

Looking back


Your one and only – Bryan


16 Responses to “Happy 33rd Birthday Debra Kate!!”

  1. 1 Rebecca

    Happy, happy birthday! Love the Worthing crew

  2. 3 Lisa Damian

    Debi, this blog is a total love bomb, my heart swelled for you. What a gift. You have clearly married the right guy and I hope both of you have many more birthdays – and adventures – to celebrate together. Much love to you on your 33rd birthday and to Bryan for being a husband who really “sees” his wife and knows how to tell her he loves her.

    Love, Lisa

  3. 4 Kate Cross

    What a gift Bryan has given you! And you are truly a gift to him as well!

  4. 6 mom

    You have always been my miracle baby. I am so blessed to have you and now Bryan, who also sees you and all the really awesome things that make up our Debra Kate.
    Deb you were right I did cry. Incredible job Bryan, what a treasure you are. You and Debi fit so well together. Love you both

    Poppa sends a big hug and love

  5. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a fabulous way to spend the day.

  6. 8 mollyandowen

    Happy Birthday Debi! What an amazing tribute! I hope you have many many more fantastic adventures together. When are you riding your bikes to Washington??? Sending big hugs.
    molly and the french’s

    • 9 thrubike

      Thanks Molly!

      We should be in Washington in August!

      • 10 mollyandowen

        that’s great! I want to see you guys! Please keep us posted!! You can stay with us for sure!!!

      • 11 thrubike

        Thanks Molly!

        We are working our way north and should be in WA by the end of the summer.

  7. 12 Frank Zangara

    Happy Birthday Deb. What a great way to spend your day and life. Keep up the work on the site. Its great.
    Bryan, you did a great job on this post.

    Best of luck to the both of you

    Frank, from the jersey boardwalk

  8. 14 Keri Evjy

    That was so heartfelt! Thanks for sharing this with us, Bryan! You both inspire me! I love you!

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