Wild Arizona


Our extended stay in the Chiricahua mountains has afforded us plenty of hiking and biking in our off time.  The  mountains are rugged and isolated and we have been having a great time getting to know the region. There has been a tremendous amount of wildlife crossing our path and sometimes  we are lucky enough to get a decent photo or two.

Vermilion Fly Catcher in Whitewater Draw Wildlife area

If you squint real hard you can make out a Bobcat prowling through the grass

Merriam Wild Turkey in Pine Canyon

Last guests (Coues Deer) leave the ranch

Bull snake on the trail to Fort Bowie

Gila Monster hiding out at Apache Spring

Tail end of a Mohave Rattlesnake seen on trail in Monument

Lizards scamper all around us and blend in

On one of trips to Willcox with our friend Jim, a woman brought this hide into a Mexican restaurant we were eating at and laid it out on a table for all to see. No one seemed to mind and she was quite proud of it. It spent 18 months at the taxidermist and measured 6’1″ from nose to tip of tail. It had killed a calf on her farm.

Mountain Lion hide

Often, while we are hiking we see canine/coyote tracks and now that we are in Cat country we see tracks of the feline too. Cat tracks such as the Mountain Lion and Bobcat are often more rounded than that of a coyote. Cats retract their nails while walking and typically the track will not show nail  marks. Another way to tell the difference is to draw an “X” centered above the rear pad, with the bottom legs of the “X” on either side of the rear pad.

Mountain Lion track in Whitetail pass

Small Mountain Lion track or large Bobcat track

We are still waiting patiently to spot a coati.

See you down the trail!



5 Responses to “Wild Arizona”

  1. 1 Lisa Damian

    Beautiful images. One, or both, of you has a great eye!

  2. Happy Birthday Debbie! Thanks for sharing the awesome wildlife pics. I am very interested in where you guys are at. You are fine naturalists!
    Peace and lots of Love

  3. You guys are truly amazing. So inspiring! I love the photos and I love how you are soaking up the beauty of that magical place, as I did. It’s a bit off the beaten path, so I consider anyone who serendipitously finds their way to it’s hidden oasis kindred spirits of the most charmed variety! Happy birthday Debbie, and Bryan, your birthday wishes to your wife brought tears to my eyes. You are so lucky to have each other! You guys make me happy. :)

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