Whitetail Pass


We meant to post this one sooner, but here’s an adventure we had one day back in March sans bicycles.

On Sunday, March 25th we had the opportunity to take a hike with our friends Jim and Casey. Jim is from Montana and is also a volunteer here at Chiricahua National Monument. Casey is a local and her family’s property borders the park. With Casey in our party we were able to access some private land and hike out of the park, up over Whitetail pass and down into the valley. In order to set this one up we staged her cool 1980 Ford Currier on her side of the pass and then we drove back around to the park in Jim’s vehicle.

Here are some shots from the day:

Passing through numerous gates to stage the truck

One or two slight obstacles

Casey and Debi crossing a creek bed

Ahh, parked...perfect

Now, it was back around to the park to get started hiking. We started up Bonita creek. This area had suffered from the wildfire last summer and was quite a bit ashy and dusty.

Debi, Casey and Jim starting up the creek

Cat track on the way up to the pass

Sand Verbena is one of the first flowers to come back after the fire

Gnarly trees that were consumed by fire. Notice new growth of oak saplings already waist high in less than a year

Downed and burned tree with a fresh Yucca plant pushing out from under it

More flowers at the base of an unburnt Alligator Juniper tree

View form the top of the pass - Sulpher Springs Valley and Dos Cabezas Mountains in the distance

Debi, Jim and Casey hiking down the from the pass

Debi and Bryan getting a bumpy ride pack to the park

Our great shuttle drivers - Casey and Jim!

Thanks you two for making this day trip happen! We really enjoyed it! See you both down the road.



2 Responses to “Whitetail Pass”

  1. What a fun day trip. :) If it wasn’t for the lovely little sand verbena, I’d probably be much more sad about the fire damage. But they seem to be saying, “Hey! Don’t worry about it. It’s all part of being a forest. And we’re here, so enjoy us!”

    • 2 thrubike

      Hi Jaime! Thanks for checking out our posts. I agree, there is beauty where sadness lies. Fire is a part of the natural process. We’re getting closer to Colorado…probably crossing into the state in June. Take care out there!

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