Cuba to Abiquiu


We landed in Cuba on Monday morning May 28th following a blazing descent out of the Santa Fe National Forest.  The town provided us with some good coffee, a few groceries and we were off again.  The road took us north on 550 and then we turned right onto New Mexico 96 to Abiquiu Lake.  The scenery was just jawdropping. The direction was in our favor as we mostly continued downhill through Coyote and Youngsville.  We got to the lake just before sunset and checked in with the campground host.  We learned that the campground  had been packed during Memorial Day Weekend and it was now practically deserted.  Peace and quiet for us.

On the way to Abiquiu

Bombing hills into oblivion

Stunning rock formations and blue skies

Roadside meadow


Cerro Pedernal in the distance

Looking back down the road we just rode

Abiquiu Lake – water finally!

Abiquiu Dam

Good camping on the lake

Riana campground is situated above Lake Abiquiu.  It’s an Army Corps of Engineers Campground.  Walk in campsites cost $5 and include hot showers-a total bargain!   We decided to stay an extra day, take more showers, read and relax.  The sight of so much was was nourishing for our souls after being in the drought stricken southwest for so long.  We watched the colors on the water gently change throughout the day.

This is Georgia O’Keeffe country-from the campground we had a clear view of Cerro Pedernal, a mountain that O’Keeffe frequently painted.  The rich colors of the rocks and the grand sky view laid out before us made it easy to see why she was so inspired.

Sunset over the lake

Cerro Pedernal from the campground

On Wednesday morning we left Riana campground and rode mostly down hill to the town of Abiquiu to spend the morning blogging and eating at Bode’s General Store. We had a giant burrito and frito pie and bought some groceries and  then headed back out an up the hill we just came soaring down. We passed the turn for the reservoir and continued north toward the turn for Forest service road 151.

Next post we will take you up Chama canyon – consisting of thirteen mile, dead end dirt road and then on to Chama, NM!

Take care and thanks for following along,



4 Responses to “Cuba to Abiquiu”

  1. Love this.. I get to live vicariously through you guys!

  2. 2 Kate Cross

    Wow! On one of those pics, I fully expected cowboys and Indians to come riding from the hills!

  3. 3 Dad

    Great news guys, the pics are awesome! Kate, I’m surprised at you! It’s “Native Americans”.


  4. 4 Geographic Designer

    Cool post. New Mexico rocks! Actually, I just finished designing a poster for New Mexico. Check it out:

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