Mesa Verde National Park


On Monday, June 11th our friend Jaime brought us and our bikes up to the top of Mesa Verde National Park so we could ride down through the park and back into the town of Mancos.  A fun ride indeed. We checked out the Far View Visitor center and all the pull-offs / lookouts. We probably could have spent more time visiting the ruins but we just wanted to ride and not deal with all the crowds. You would need a couple of days to see this park.  Here are a few pictures from our afternoon…

View of Spruce tree house

Looking north from the north rim

View of the La Plata mountains

Bryan traveling light

Carved out roads

Bryan way down below

Tunnel near Morefield Canyon

View across the Mancos valley

View of the north rim from near the entrance station

After, a quick descent out of the park we turned and headed east on HWY 160 and headed toward town. We had to take a short stop at Dave Sipes  Folk art shop and studio – well worth the stop if you have time. Unfortunately,  being on the bicycles doesn’t allow us to  buy a whole lot of wooden sculpture but if we were buying this would be the place. We took a ride around the small town of Mancos,  CO and perused the  galleries and small shops. Once we had our fill of town, Jaime  picked us up and drove us back to the ranch. Later that evening we were able to visit an old friend of Bryan’s from Paul Smith’s College, Rosalind. Rosalind and her husband, Todd live across the way from Mesa Verde and we were able to catch up and visit.  Great to see you and thanks for taking us on a hike around your property and showing us your geodesic greenhouse!

Mesa Verde at sundown

Sleeping Ute mountain

Next up, the mighty San Juan mountains. Stay tuned for a big Colorado experience!

See you there,



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  1. 1 Kate Cross

    Spectacular scenery! Thank you!

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